Historical Story: A frightening story

In the spring and Autumn period, Zipi, a doctor of the state of Zheng, planned to let Yin he serve as the supervisor of his fief. Yin he was a junior minister of Zipi’s family. He didn’t have the experience and ability to manage such a large area. Many people thought that this person was incompetent.

A frightening story

To this end, Zipi asked for the opinions of Zichan who assisted him in governing. Zichan said, “Yin he is young, I’m afraid not.” Zipi disagreed and said, “Yin he is cautious and honest. I like him very much, and he won’t betray me. Although he lacks experience, he can learn. After learning for a long time, he will understand the truth of governance.”

Zichan objected: “that’s no good. Most people love another person and always hope to be beneficial to the loved one. Now you love a person and leave such an important thing to him. It’s like asking a person who can’t take a knife to cut things, which will cause great damage to the people who cut things. In this way, who dares to ask you for protection again in the future?”

Then Zichan said sincerely, “you are the pillar of the state of Zheng. If the house breaks, we who live in the house will also suffer? For another example, if you have a delicate and beautiful brocade, you will never give it to a person who can’t cut clothes to learn to cut clothes, because you are afraid of spoiling the brocade knot.”

At this point, Zichan leads to the point: “Big officials and big cities are used to protect the interests of the people, which is much more important than that exquisite and beautiful brocade. You don’t even want brocade to be cut by people who can’t cut clothes, but why do you entrust big officials and big cities to inexperienced people to take charge and manage them? Don’t you think brocade is more important than big officials and big cities? I’ve never heard of being an official I have a chance to learn to be an official. ”

Zichan nodded when he saw Zipi. He went to another floor and said, “take hunting as an example. A man can’t even drive a carriage or shoot a bow and arrow. How can he hit the beast? I’m afraid the beast won’t hit, but he’ll overturn. The same is true for managing state affairs.” We should always learn to be in power before we can be in power. If we insist on doing so, we will certainly cause great losses. ”

Hearing Zichan’s words, Zipi nodded again and again and said, “you’re right. I’m not smart. I wear clothes on myself, so I know to choose people carefully to cut them. Big officials and big cities are related to the interests of the people, but I despise them very much. It’s too rat’s eyes and inch’s light!” at this point, Zipi bowed to Zichan and then said: “If it weren’t for my husband’s words to remind me, I wouldn’t know I had done something stupid. I remember I once said that you govern the state of Zheng, and I only manage my family property, so that my body can have sustenance. I ask you to do my family affairs according to your advice from now on!”

Zichan shook his head and said, “people’s hearts are different, just like people’s faces are different. How dare I say your face is the same as mine? I think it’s dangerous for you to do so, so tell the truth.” the implication of Zichan’s words is that my thoughts are not necessarily the same as yours.

Zipi felt that Zichan was very loyal to the country, so he entrusted political affairs to him. Later, Zichan managed the state of Zheng to be rich and strong.

People’s awesome words mean that the comments or slanders behind them are terrible.

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