Historical Story: a general who rather prefers to be beheaded than to surrender

Zhang Fei was a great general under Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period. Cao Cao occupied Jingzhou and Liu Bei fled south in a hurry. Cao Cao led the cavalry to chase for a day and a night, reaching Changbanpo, Dangyang. At the critical juncture, Zhang Fei broke up with more than 20 cavalry. He jumped across the bridge and shouted, “I’m Zhang Fei. Who dares to come up and fight to the death!” No one in Cao Cao’s army dared to come forward.


When Liu Bei entered Sichuan, the team went all the way to the west without any obstacles, but when he was in Bajun, he met the resistance of the prefect Yan. Zhang Fei led troops to challenge him again and again. Yan Yan didn’t go out to fight or surrender. Later, Zhang Fei used a trick to break Bajun and captured Yan alive.

a general who rather prefers to be beheaded than to surrender

Yan Yan was arrested and taken to the account, but he held his head high and didn’t kneel. Zhang Fei scolded Yan Yan, “my army has arrived. Why don’t you surrender and dare to resist?” Yan Yan said, “you have no morality and morality. You take my state. There are only decapitated generals in my state, not surrendered generals.”


Zhang Fei was so angry that he ordered to cut off his head. His Yan face remained unchanged. As he walked out, he turned back and scolded, “man! Beheading is beheading, and there is no need to be angry. ” Zhang Fei felt Yan Yan had backbone, so he let him go, apologized to him and treated him as a guest. Yan Yan felt his kindness and surrendered.

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