Historical Story: A groundless story

Once upon a time, there was a timid and neurotic man in Qi state. He often thought of some strange problems, which made people feel inexplicable.

One day, after dinner, he took a big Pu fan, sat at the door and said to himself, “what if one day the sky collapses? Isn’t it too wrong that we have no way to escape and will be crushed to death alive? ”

A groundless story

Since then, he has worried and worried about this problem almost every day. His friends worried about him when they saw that he was in a trance and haggard all day. However, when they knew the reason, they came to persuade him:

“Man! Why should you trouble yourself about it? How did the sky fall? I’m saying that even if it really collapses, you can’t solve it by worrying alone. Want to be open! ”

However, no matter what people say, he doesn’t believe it and still worries about this unnecessary problem from time to time.

It is a metaphor for unnecessary or unfounded worries and worries.

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