Historical Story: A leaf barrier story

Once upon a time, there was a nerd in the state of Chu. His family was very poor. One day, when he was reading a book, he suddenly saw that it said: “if you get the leaf used to cover yourself when the mantis catches cicada, you can hide your body and no one can see it.” So he thought, “if only I could get that leaf!”

From that day on, he walked around the woods all day looking for the leaves where the mantis hid when he caught cicadas. Finally one day, he saw a mantis hiding under a leaf to catch cicadas. He was so excited that he rushed up and took off the leaf. However, he was so excited that he accidentally dropped the leaf on the ground and mixed it with the fallen leaves on the ground. He stayed for a while, brought a dustpan, picked up all the fallen leaves on the ground and took them home. When he got home, he thought, “how can you pick out the invisible leaves from so many leaves?

A leaf barrier story

He is determined to experiment piece by piece. So he held up a leaf and asked his wife, “can you see me?”“ Visible. ” His wife replied“ Can you see? ” He held up another leaf and said“ Visible. ” The wife answered patiently.

He asked again and again, and his wife had to answer again and again. Later, his wife got bored and replied, “I can’t see!”

The nerd was very happy. He took the leaves, went to the street, covered himself with the leaves, reached out for the store’s things in front of the shopkeeper and left.

The shopkeeper was so surprised that he caught him and sent him to the government. The county magistrate thought it strange that someone dared to steal in broad daylight, so he asked him what was the matter. The nerd said the reason. The county magistrate couldn’t help laughing and put him back home.

One leaf obscures the eyes means that your eyes are blocked by a leaf, which means you can’t see the whole picture of things.

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