Historical Story: A relieved story

In 542 ad, Duke Xiang of Lu died of illness, and his son was transferred to the throne, known as Duke Zhao of Lu in history. At that time, the actual power of the state of Lu was in the hands of Ji sunsu, Shu sunbao and Meng sun. Among them, Ji sunsu had the greatest power, and Zhao Gong was just a puppet. Zhaogong, the monarch of the state, did not strive for success. He only knew pleasure and ignored state politics. After his biological mother died, he had no sad face during the funeral, talked and laughed, and went hunting for fun. In this way, he even lost popular support at home.

A relieved story

Doctor’s son; When Jiaji saw that Duke Zhao was becoming more and more disgraceful, he was very worried. He advised Duke Zhao face to face several times, hoping that he would consolidate the power of the royal family so as not to be seized by outsiders. However, Zhao Gong didn’t listen to his advice and went his own way. After a long time, Zhao Gong finally realized that Ji sunsu and other three ministers were growing their power, which had posed a serious threat to himself. So he secretly looked for ministers who opposed Sanqing and looked for opportunities to attack Sanqing. Soon, Ji sunsu died, and his grandson intended to continue in power. The doctor Gong Ruo, Qiu sun, Zang sun and Ji sun had a contradiction. He planned to get rid of Ji sun’s family, so he asked the eldest son of Zhao Gong to talk about it secretly. Yes, of course. After discussing with his two younger brothers, Gong Wei thought that his father Zhaogong must resent Ji sun’s dictatorship, so he persuaded Zhaogong to get rid of Ji sun.

When Zhao Gong heard that yunsun, Zang sun and other doctors had a conflict with Ji sun, he was very happy. He secretly called them into the palace and asked them to kill Ji sun together. Then he called his family and told him about the plot. Unexpectedly, zijiaji objected and said, “this must not be used! If this is a slander who takes advantage of the king to take chances, in case things fail, the king will leave an indelible charge.” Zhaogong saw his firm opposition and ordered him to leave. But zijiaji said that now that he already knows the inside story of this matter, he can’t be a senior official, otherwise he can’t get rid of his responsibility if he divulges it. So he lived in the palace. In the autumn of this year, uncle and grandson Bao, one of the three ministers, left the capital for some reason and entrusted the affairs of the house to the minister Pianli.

Zhaogong thought it was a good opportunity. No one would support Ji sun’s family, so he led sun and Zang sun to surround Ji sun’s house. Ji Sunyi didn’t have time to mobilize the army to fight back, and couldn’t get the help of Uncle sun Bao, so he had to stick to his house. He asked Zhao Gong to resign from his post as secretary of state and return to the fiefdom, or go into exile abroad. Zijiyong suggests that Zhaogong agree to Jisun Yiru’s request, but housun insists on killing him. Zhaogong thought that the opinions of later sun were right, so he listened to him. Besides, when Pianli, the family Minister of Uncle sun Bao, learned that Ji sun was surrounded, he discussed with his subordinates and thought that if Ji sun was eliminated, it would be uncle sun’s turn next, so he immediately mobilized troops to rescue Ji sun. Zhao Gong’s army had no combat effectiveness. Seeing uncle sun’s army rushing over, he immediately scattered and fled. There was also a mengsun family among the three Qings. Seeing that the uncle Sun family had sent troops to rescue Ji sun, they immediately sent troops. On the way, I happened to meet the empress sun who escaped and retreated, so I caught him and killed him.

Seeing that Sanqing’s army had been united, Zhao Gong knew that the general situation had gone, so he had to run to the state of Qi for refuge with Zang sun. Because Zhao Gong had long lost his people, the people did not sympathize with him; On the contrary, I feel that it has lightened their burden.

Relieved means: it describes the relaxation and happiness after the tension has passed.

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