Historical Story: A shameful story

In the Jin Dynasty, there was an Hussars general named Wang Ji. He was handsome and had a good manner in dealing with people and things. Although he is a soldier with a knife and a gun, he is good at reading and discussing scriptures and has a good reputation in the city. One year, Wang Ji’s nephew Wei Yu’s mother and son came to take refuge in Wang Ji. Wang Ji was shocked to see Wei Yu so beautiful and graceful. He said to Wei’s mother, “people say I’m very beautiful. Now comparing with my nephew is like putting stones and pearls together. I’m really ugly!” A few days later, Wang Ji took Wei Yu and rode a horse to visit relatives and friends. Walk into the street. Those who saw Wei Yu thought he was carved of white jade. Everyone scrambled to watch. You crowded me. Almost stirred the whole city. When they finally arrived at their relatives’ house, they wanted to know whether Wei Wanyu was beautiful and outstanding in knowledge, so they insisted that he explain the metaphysics. Wei Yu could not refuse, so he began to talk. He did not speak for a long time, but none of the listeners did not praise him for his profound and thorough speech. People laughed and said, “it seems that you three kings are not worth a son of the Wei family!” Wang Ji said, “yes, walking with my nephew is like a pearl shining beside me.”

A shameful story

Self abasement means to feel gradually ashamed because you are inferior to others.

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