Historical Story: A sighing story

It is said that a long time ago, there was a river god in the Yellow River. People called him Hebo. He Bo stands on the Bank of the Yellow River. Looking at the rolling waves coming from the West and galloping and jumping to the East, he said excitedly; “The Yellow River is so big. No river in the world can compare with it. I am the biggest God of water!”

Someone told him, “your words are wrong. There is a place called Beihai in the east of the Yellow River. That’s really big.”

A sighing story

He Bo said, “I don’t believe that the North Sea is bigger than the Yellow River.”

The man said, “don’t mention a yellow river. Even if several yellow rivers flow into the North Sea, they are not satisfied with it.”

Hebo said stubbornly, “I haven’t seen the North Sea. I don’t believe it.”

The man was helpless and told him, “if you have a chance to see the North Sea, you will understand what I said.”

Autumn is coming. Days of torrential rain have poured large and small rivers into the Yellow River. The river surface of the Yellow River is wider. Looking across the river, the cattle and horses on the other bank can’t be distinguished. This time, he Bo was even more proud. He thought that the most spectacular scenery in the world was here. In addition to being complacent, he thought of the North Sea that someone told him, so he decided to go there and have a look.

He Bo came to the mouth of the Yellow River downstream. Suddenly, he saw the sea god Beihai Ruo welcoming him with a smile. He Bo looked around and saw that the North Sea was boundless. He looked at it for a while and said to Beihai Ruo with deep feeling: “As the saying goes, if I only know some truth, I think no one can compare with me. This is me. Today, if I hadn’t seen the vast North Sea with my own eyes, I would still think that the Yellow River is incomparable in the world! In that way, would it not be laughed at by knowledgeable people forever.”

Looking up at the ocean means looking up at the ocean. Looking up at the God of the sea and sighing. It used to mean lamenting your smallness in front of great things. Now it is often compared to feeling helpless because of incompetence or lack of conditions.

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