Historical Story: A story in full swing

At the end of the spring and Autumn period, Fu Chai, king of the state of Wu, successively conquered the states of Yue, Lu and Qi. He was ambitious and continued to march to the northwest, intending to conquer the state of Jin.

But at this time, Gou Jian, king of Yue, copied the back of King Wu. He led the army all the way to Gusu, the capital of the state of Wu, and sent people and horses to occupy the Huaihe River, cutting off the retreat of the king of Wu.

A story in full swing

The news poured a basin of cold water on the head of Fu Chai, king of Wu. He was very shocked and immediately summoned Wen Chen and Wu generals to discuss countermeasures. It is said that going back now means losing the war at the two levels and being beaten at both ends; If you can defeat Jin, you will be the overlord of the princes. It’s not too late to go back and clean up Gou Jian, king of Yue.

The big idea has been decided. The top priority is to conquer Jin as soon as possible. Think it over and decide to win by surprise.

One evening, the king of Wu gave an order. The soldiers of the whole army were well fed, and the horses were well fed. Thirty thousand strong generals were selected from the whole army. Every 10000 people form a square array, a total of three square arrays. There are 100 people in each square. At the head of each row is the officer division. One doctor is responsible for every ten lines, that is, one thousand people. Each square was led by a general. The square array in the middle, white helmet, white armor, white clothes, white flag, white bow and arrow, is controlled by the king of Wu himself and is called the middle army; The square array on the left, red helmet, red armor, red clothes and red, is almost unfathomable; The square on the right is black. Starting in the middle of the night, he arrived at a place only a mile away from the Jin army at dawn. The sky had just turned bright. Wu Jun’s drums were loud and the sound of cheers shook the construction site.

When Jin Jun woke up from his dream, he was shocked to see the three squares and prestige of Wu Jun: the white square, “looked like a tea” – like a thatched field full of white flowers; The red square array “looks like fire” – like a burning flame; And the black square array is just like the unfathomable sea.

In full swing means: it describes a large-scale operation with vigorous momentum and warm atmosphere.

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