Historical Story: A story like a fish in water

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, heroes rose and heroes competed for hegemony. In order to realize his great wish to unify the world, Liu Bei collected talents in many ways, specially visited Zhuge Liang, who lived in seclusion in WoLonggang in Longzhong, and invited him out of the mountain. He couldn’t see him twice. He didn’t see him until he went the third time.

 A story like a fish in water

Liu Bei explained his intention and talked freely about his great ambitions. Zhuge Liang confidently put forward the strategic policy of seizing Jingzhou and Yizhou, making peace with southwest ethnic minorities, associating Sun Quan in the East and attacking Cao Cao in the north. He predicted that the world would become a tripartite situation of Shu, Wei and Wu in the future. After hearing this, Liu Bei was overjoyed, so he paid homage to Kong Ming as a military teacher. Kong Ming tried his best to assist Liu Bei, but Liu Bei’s trust and reuse of Kong Ming caused the displeasure of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and other generals. From time to time, they showed dissatisfaction in front of Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei, who was upright, was full of complaints.

Liu Bei patiently explained that he vividly compared himself to a fish and Kong Ming to water. He repeatedly explained that Kong Ming’s talent and courage were important for him to complete the great cause of winning the world. He said: “I Liu Bei had Kong Ming, just like the fish got water. I hope you don’t say more.”

Like a fish in water means: it means to get a person who fits in very well with yourself or a very suitable environment for yourself.

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