Historical Story: A story of death

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the imperial power fell into Dong Zhuo’s hands. Dong Zhuo was arrogant and domineering. He used the emperor’s guard of honor to go in and out of the court, and let his brother and nephew command the forbidden army. He made all the people of the Dong clan, young and old, vassal. He also recruited 250000 people to build palaces for himself, and selected 800 beautiful women from the people to be included in the palace.

Seeing that Dong Zhuo was so arrogant, situ Wang was worried about the Hanyu room, but he couldn’t get rid of Dong Zhuo. He was very upset. One night, when he went to the back garden to relax, he suddenly heard someone sighing by the Peony Pavilion. When I came closer, it turned out to be Diao Chan, a singer prostitute at home. Wang Yun asked, “why did you come here in the middle of the night to sigh?”

A story of death

Diao Chan replied, “thanks for your kindness and upbringing, you have trained me in singing and dancing, and treated me with courtesy. Although I am broken to pieces, I can’t repay just in case. Recently, I saw adults frowning and knew that they must be worried about state affairs, so I was sad, but I didn’t dare to ask. I saw adults sitting uneasy again tonight, so I sighed and sighed. I didn’t expect to be found by adults. If your excellency is useful to me, I will certainly serve. I will never refuse even if I die. ”

After listening to Diao Chan’s words, Wang Yun suddenly had an idea. He immediately knelt down to Diao Chan and worshipped her. Diao Chan hurriedly picked it up. With tears in his eyes, Wang Yun said, “at present, the imperial court is in great danger. The thief minister Dong Zhuo is about to usurp the throne. The imperial court can use martial arts and Yuan strategies. Dong Zhuo has an adopted son, Lv Bu, who is extremely brave. There is no enemy in the world. After listening to you just now, I came up with a “serial plan” to betroth you to Lv Bu first, and then secretly present you to Dong Zhuo. You go to alienate their father and son, let them hate each other because they want you, and finally provoke Lv Bu to kill Dong Zhuo. In this way, we can get rid of great harm and serve our country. What do you think? ”

Diao Chan stood up slowly and took a firm attitude. He said, “I have promised that my Lord will never refuse to die. If you can’t follow the plan to kill Dong Zhuo to repay the national grace, you are willing to die under Wan blade!” Yu Yun and Diao Chan worked together to realize the “serial plan”, and finally got rid of the treacherous minister Dong Zhuo.

The meaning of never giving up is: to express willingness to work hard.

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