Historical Story: A story of mending a lost sheep

During the Warring States period, a minister of the state of Chu named Zhuang Xin said to King Xiang of Chu one day, “when you are in the palace, the Marquis of Zhou is on the left and the Marquis of Xia is on the right; When you go out, Yanling Jun and Shou and Jun always follow you. You and these four people pay special attention to luxury and pleasure. Regardless of national affairs, you must be dangerous! ”

After hearing this, King Xiang was not very high and angry, and scolded, “are you old and confused? Do you deliberately say these dangerous words to confuse people? ”

A story of mending a lost sheep

Zhuang Xin replied calmly, “I really feel that things must come to this point. I don’t dare to deliberately say anything unfortunate about Chu state. If you always trust this man, the state of Chu will perish. Since you don’t believe me, please allow me to hide in Zhao Guo and see what will happen. ” Zhuang Xin only lived in Zhao for five months. As expected, the state of Qin sent troops to invade Chu, and King Xiang was forced to exile to Yangcheng. Then I thought Zhuang Xin’s words were good. I quickly sent someone to find Zhuang Xin and asked him what he could do; Zhuang Xin said sincerely, “I’ve heard that it’s not too late to see rabbit teeth and think of hounds; It’s not too late to mend the sheepfold when the sheep run away. ”

The meaning of making up for the lost is to find a way to remedy the problem, which can prevent further losses

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