Historical Story: A story of nothing

In the Tang Dynasty, a man became an official of the provincial governor. Because his official fortune was not very prosperous, no matter what he did, he was often not as good as his heart, so he went out from time to time and wanted to relax by playing. One day, he went to Jingguo temple.

A story of nothing

Tired of traveling, he boarded in the temple. I had a dream in the evening; In his dream, he walked under a rock and met an old monk; In front of the old monk, there was a tiny incense burner, and sandalwood cigarettes curled up. The old monk said to the provincial official, “the cigarettes in this small incense burner were preserved when you made a wish. Now you have been a man for three generations. You I, you are the Jiannan pacifying inspector in the era of Tang Xuanzong; The second, you were the Secretary of Western Shu in Xianzong’s time, and the third, you are now the provincial governor. ” After listening to the old monk’s words, he suddenly became a little aware, as if he remembered that the officials he had done in the third world were mediocre and accomplished nothing.

Therefore, he was no longer willing to float in the sea of officials, and seemed to have a clear understanding of life.

Nothing means nothing.

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