Historical Story: A story of peace of mind

In the spring and Autumn period, there was a man named Meng Changjun in the state of Qi. He raised 3000 guests at home. Meng Changjun divided these people into three levels: upper, middle and lower! First class guests can eat big fish and meat every day, and they can take a car when they go out; Medium sized guests only eat fish and vegetables every day; Inferior guests only eat vegetables every day.

One day, a friend of Meng Changjun introduced a man named Feng yuanxuan to Meng Changjun’s house. Meng Changjun asked his friend, “what’s the specialty of this man named Feng Yuanyuan?” the friend thought for a long time and said, “it seems that he has no specialty!” after hearing this, Meng Changjun ignored Feng Yuanyuan. When the servant saw that Meng Changjun ignored Feng Yuanyuan, he thought his master despised Feng Yuanyuan, All guests such as Feng breakwater were entertained.

A story of peace of mind

Feng Yuanyuan was very unhappy and complained every day, “since everyone despises me, I’ll just leave!” after Meng Changjun knew it, he promoted Feng Yuanyuan from a inferior guest to a superior guest and gave Feng Yuanyuan’s mother something to eat and use. Feng Yuanyuan thought, “Meng Changjun is so kind to me, I must find a chance to repay him!”

Once, Meng Changjun sent Feng breakwater to Xue Di to collect debts. Feng breakwater pretended to be an order from Meng Changjun, telling all those who owed Meng Changjun not to pay back the money and bought a good reputation of “righteousness” for Meng Changjun! Later, Meng Chang was relieved of his official position as prime minister by the king of Qi. When he returned to Xue Di to live, the people of Xue Di warmly welcomed Meng Chang!

After a while, Feng Yuanyuan said to Meng Changjun, “a rabbit needs three holes to hide in order to avoid the danger of being hunted by hunters. Now you live in Xuedi, just like a rabbit has only one hole. It’s very dangerous! If the monarch of Qi is not satisfied with you and wants to kill you, you don’t even have any other place to hide! Therefore, you can’t raise your pillow and sleep at ease!” As soon as Meng Changjun heard this, “what should I do?” Feng Yuanyuan said, “let me do this! I’ll let you hide in three safe holes like a cunning rabbit!” so Feng Yuanyuan ran to Liang Huiwang, the monarch of the state of Liang, and told him that Meng Changjun was very capable. After hearing this, Liang Huiwang immediately sent someone with a thousand kilograms of gold A hundred carriages went to invite Meng Chang to the state of Liang as prime minister.

When the news reached the state of Qi, the king of Qi immediately became flustered and quickly invited Meng Chang to return to the state of Qi as prime minister with grand etiquette. At the same time, Feng Yuan also asked Meng Changjun to establish a ancestral temple in Xue Di to ensure the safety of Xue Di. After Xue Di’s ancestral temple was built, Feng breakwater said to Meng Changjun, “now the three holes have been dug. From today on, you can raise your pillow and sleep at ease!”

Rest assured means: put up your pillow to sleep, carefree. Metaphor: mental paralysis and loss of vigilance.

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