Historical Story: A story of promise

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Ji Bu in Chu. He was upright and chivalrous. As long as it was what he promised, no matter how difficult it was, he managed to do it and was praised by everyone.

During the struggle between Chu and Han Dynasties, Jibu was Xiang Yu’s subordinate. He made suggestions several times, which defeated Liu Bang’s army. When Liu Bang became emperor, he thought of it and was very angry and ordered Ji Bu to be wanted.

A story of promise

At this time, they admired Jibu and helped him secretly. Soon, Ji Bu went to a family surnamed Zhu in Shandong as a servant after making up. Knowing that he was Ji Bu, the Zhu family still took him in. Later, the Zhu family went to Luoyang to intercede with Liu Bang’s old friend Ruyin houxia Houying. Under Xia Houying’s persuasion, Liu Bang withdrew the wanted notice for Ji Bu, made Ji bu a doctor, and soon changed to Hedong prefect.

One of Ji Bu’s fellow countrymen, Cao Qiusheng, loved to make friends with powerful officials to show off and raise himself. Ji Bu always looked down on him. When he heard that Jibu had become a senior official again, he went to see Jibu immediately.

When Jibu heard that Cao Qiusheng was coming, he looked tiger faced and prepared to say a few words to embarrass him. However, as soon as Cao Qiusheng entered the hall, no matter how gloomy Ji Bu’s face was and how ugly his words were, he immediately bowed and bowed to Ji Bu to catch up with Ji Bu LA’s family. And boasted: “I heard the words’ it’s better to get a thousand liang of gold than to get a jibuyino ‘everywhere in Chu. How can you have such a good reputation in Liang and Chu? Since we are fellow townsmen, I publicize your good reputation everywhere. Why don’t you want to see me? ” After hearing Cao Qiusheng’s words, Ji Bu was immediately happy and left him to stay for a few months as a distinguished guest. Before he left, he gave him a generous gift.

Later, Cao Qiusheng continued to preach everywhere for Li Bu, and Ji Bu’s reputation became bigger and bigger.

The meaning of a promise is: figuratively speaking, very trustworthy.

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