Historical Story: A story of repeated orders

In the spring and Autumn period, there was a famous military scientist named Sun Wu. He took his “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” to see King Helu of Wu. After reading it, King Wu said, “I’ve read all your 13 art of war. Have you tried my army?” Sun Wu said yes. King Wu asked again, “is it OK to test with women?” Sun Wu also said yes. So King Wu called 180 palace beauties and asked Sun Wu to train.

A story of repeated orders

Sun Wu divided them into two teams, with the two palace concubines loved by the king of Wu as the team leader, and told each of them to hold a halberd. After the team stood up, Sun Wu asked, “do you know how to turn forward, backward, left and right?” the female soldiers said, “yes.” Sun Wu said again: “look at my heart forward; look at my left hand to the left; look at my right hand to the right; look behind me.” the female soldiers said, “I see.” so Sun Wu took out the iron Tomahawk mission and applied to them for precepts again and again. Then he beat the drum and gave the order to turn right. How do you know that the female soldiers not only did not act according to the order, but laughed. Seeing this, Sun Wu said, “it should be the fault of the generals if the explanation is unclear and the explanation is unclear.” so he explained what he had just said to them in detail again. Then beat the drum and give the order to turn left. The female soldiers still just laughed.

Sun Wu said, “it’s the general’s fault that he didn’t explain clearly. Since he explained clearly and didn’t listen to orders, it’s the fault of the captain and soldiers.” then he ordered his followers to push out and behead the two captains. When King Wu saw that Sun Wu was going to kill his beloved girl, he hurriedly sent someone to intercede with Sun Wu, but Sun Wu said, “since I was ordered to be a general and will be in the army, your life will not be accepted!” so he ordered the left and right to cut off the two female captains, and then ordered the two platoon leaders to be captains. Since then, all the female soldiers have carefully practiced complex movements, such as moving forward and backward, left and right, and even kneeling down and standing up, and dare not play any more.

Repeated orders mean: repeated orders and warnings.

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