Historical Story: A story of rotten wood that cannot be carved

Zaiyu, a disciple of Confucius, has beautiful words and pleasant words. At first, Confucius liked this disciple very much and thought he must be very promising. But soon, zaizi exposed his laziness. One day, when Confucius gave a lecture to his disciples, he found that Zai Yu didn’t come to the lecture, so he sent his disciples to find him. After a while, my disciple came back and reported that Zai Yu was sleeping in his room. Confucius was sad and said, “rotten wood can’t be carved, and walls like dung can’t be painted. At first, when I heard what others said, I believed that his behavior must be the same as what he said; Now, after listening to others, I want to examine their behavior. I’ve changed my attitude since I killed the son. ”

A story of rotten wood that cannot be carved

Rotten wood cannot be carved, which means that people cannot be created or things and situations are corrupted and incurable.

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