Historical Story: A story of thousands of miles a day

During the Warring States period, when Prince Dan of the state of Yan was a hostage in the state of Zhao, he got along well with Ying Zheng, who was in the state of Zhao and was not yet king of Qin.

Later, Ying Zheng returned home and became the king of Qin. Prince Dan also became a hostage in the state of Qin. Ying Zheng not only didn’t care about his old feelings and take special care of them, but gave him cold treatment and made him difficult. Seeing this situation, Prince Dan found an opportunity and fled back to the state of Yan. After returning home, Prince Dan has been angry at the cup and wants to revenge Yingzheng. However, due to the small country and weak strength, it is difficult to realize their desire for revenge.

A story of thousands of miles a day

Soon, the state of Qin sent troops to attack Qi, Chu, Han, Wei, Zhao and other countries, gradually approaching the state of Yan. The king of the state of Yan was very afraid, and Prince Dan was also very sad. He asked his teacher Ju Wu for advice on a good way to stop the embezzlement of the state of Qin. Ju Wu said, “I have a good friend named Tian Guang. He is very smart and has a strategy. You can discuss it with him.”

Tian Guang invited him. Prince Dan treated him very respectfully and said, “I hope Mr. can find a way for us to resist the annexation of the state of Qin.”

Tian Guang listened and said nothing. He took Prince Dan’s hand and went outside the door. Pointing to the horse tied to the tree, he said, “this is a good stallion. In the prime of life, you can run more than a thousand miles a day. When it grows old, bad horses can run ahead of it. Why do you say that? ” Prince Dan said, “that’s because it’s out of energy.”

“Yes Now what you have heard about me is still in my prime. You don’t know that I am old and out of energy. ” Tian Guang stopped and then said, “of course; Although there is nothing I can do about national affairs, I would like to recommend a person to you, my good friend Jing Ke, who can undertake this important task.

Later, Prince Dan made friends with Jing Ke and sent him to assassinate the king of Qin, but the assassination ended in failure.

A thousand miles a day means that the metaphor is progressing very fast.

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