Historical Story: A story that comes to light

Su Shi was a great writer, calligrapher and painter in the Northern Song Dynasty. He is bold and unrestrained, knowledgeable and full of literary talent. When he was demoted to Huangzhou, he visited Chibi outside Huangzhou twice and wrote two handed down works, pre Chibi Fu and post Chibi Fu.

At that time, the moonlight on October night was particularly bright and bright. Su Shi and his two friends, bathed in the warm autumn wind, walked happily outside the city. The beautiful night scenery of white moon and clear wind makes them poetic, get together with friends, talk about friendship, and make them forget all their troubles. They sing and sing poetry, speak freely, and have great joy. Su Shi suddenly thought of wine. He hurried home and asked his wife if there was any wine at home. The wife smiled, took out a can of wine that had been hidden for a long time, and said that this was what he needed temporarily.

A story that comes to light

Su Shi was overjoyed, thanked again and again, took the wine, rushed back to his friends, came to the Bank of the Yangtze River under Chibi, boarded a boat and went boating.

At this time, I only heard the gurgling sound of the river flowing to the East. It was particularly crisp on the quiet night. The steep wall on the bank was as steep as cutting. Tall peaks stand tall, and the moon hanging between the peaks looks small; The river fell, and the stones that sank under the river were exposed.

When the water falls down, the stones at the bottom of the water will be exposed. Metaphor: the truth of the matter is completely revealed.

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