Historical Story: a treaty concluded with the enemy who have reached the city wall

In the spring and Autumn period, the king of Chu once led his army to attack the state of Jiao. The Chu army won one after another and attacked the South Gate of the capital city of the state of Jiao. The garrison troops did not go out of the city to fight and did their best to defend the city. The Chu army attacked the city several times without success.


Seeing this situation, Qu Xu, a senior general of the state of Chu, said to the king of Chu, “the state of Chu is weak and small. It is very rash to deal with things without strategy. We can take advantage of this weakness and win with wisdom.” Then he offered a plan to the king of Chu. The king of Chu thought it was good, so he acted according to his plan.

a treaty concluded with the enemy who have reached the city wall

The next day, dozens of soldiers of the state of Chu dressed as woodcutters went around the capital of the state of Qian to gather firewood to lure the enemy. Seeing that the Chu people were collecting firewood on the mountain and there was no Chu army behind them, the general of the state of Jiao sent troops to catch them. As a result, 30 unarmed Chu people were caught by them. The officers and men of the garrison country laughed with joy when they saw that it was so easy to win the “victory”.


One day later, another group of Chu soldiers disguised as firewood woodcutters went to the mountain to lure the enemy. When the garrison found out, they went out of the city to catch the Chu people on the mountain without waiting for an order. At this time, the Chu soldiers who ambushed in the north gate of the city rushed out together, and the Garrison Army was soon defeated.


The Garrison Army was defeated miserably, and the city could not be defended at the sight of it. In this case, in order to keep the country, the king of the state of Jiao was forced to sign a humiliating covenant with the state of Chu under the city of the state of Jiao. Since then, it has been widely spread in various countries that the country has been greedy for small gains and suffered heavy losses.

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