Historical Story: A yellow dog complains

During the anniversary, the Luohe River in Luoyang, the capital of God, soared, and hundreds of merchant ships from various states were submerged in the Luohe wharf. The flood destroyed the dikes on both sides of the river. People were displaced and floating corpses were everywhere. In the past, the prosperous gods are now in depression. Empress Wu Zetian ordered to make peace with Fengge Luan Tai. Premier Di Renjie has everything to do. Di Renjie runs around the streets and alleys of the capital every day to treat patients, Severely punish evil spirits and crack down on illegal and unscrupulous businessmen, so that although God has been robbed by heaven, he will not be in disorder.

One day, Di Gong and his party went to the right Yemen. After working hard for days, Di Gong was sitting in the sedan chair. He was closing his eyes and listening to the noise. He only heard the soldiers shouting and beating in the open road. He couldn’t help lifting the sedan curtain and asking“ What’s the noise“

A yellow dog complains

“Return to your excellency,” Ma Rong leaned down from his horse. “It’s a yellow dog lying in the street blocking the way. The soldiers refuse to leave no matter how they drive them. Don’t be impatient, sir. When I go to clean up the beast, I’ll have more wine and food with my brothers in the evening!”

“Wait a minute.” Di Gong always reborn the spirit. “All things have spirit. Don’t hurt it. Just drive it away.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Ma Rong was just about to go, but he saw the yellow dog slip past the sticks of several soldiers and under Qiao Tai’s horse, and suddenly rushed to Di Gong’s sedan chair. A pair of big black eyes looked at Di Gong and cried with a thing in his mouth.

“Good beast!” Jotai raised his stick to fight

“Slow!” Di Gong raised his hand and stopped Qiaotai. “Look at the thing in the dog’s mouth! Like a corner of a blood coat“

Di Gong went out of the sedan chair and put his hand to the mouth of the yellow dog.

“Be careful, my Lord. Now floating corpses are everywhere. I’m afraid the wild dog also feeds his hunger with people. Don’t hurt the beast!”

“Don’t be afraid!” Di Gong waved his hand and gently pulled the cloth horn from the mouth of the yellow dog. The yellow dog sobbed gently towards Di Gong and slowly fell down, but his eyes were full of tears.

“Qiao Tai and Ma Rong, you see, this is the best Jiangnan Silk. It is light and smooth. It is obliquely woven into cloud patterns. Those who can afford such clothes should also be the middle and upper home. But now the dog caught a horn and stained it with blood. I’m afraid the people who wear him are more dangerous than lucky“ Di Gong lowered his head and gently sighed, “dog, you stopped the sedan today for your master?”

“Wang Wu!” Hearing this, the yellow dog stood up and opened his mouth to pull the corner of Di Gong’s clothes. Ma Rong came up to fight, but was stopped by Di Gong.

“Dog, do you want me to wait and go with you?”

The yellow dog loosened his mouth, shook his head and wagged his tail. Ma Rong, Qiao Tai and Yigan soldiers were surprised.

They followed the yellow dog and left the main street. They went out of the Youye gate and went on a winding path. At the end of the path was a bank of the Luohe River. A small boat hit by wind and waves was stranded by the river. A man’s body with a face down lay in the grass on the bank. The yellow dog ran over and squatted aside with tearful eyes.

The deceased was dressed up as a businessman and his clothes were already dirty. He lay head down in the grass. A hole was punched in his head and blood was all over the ground. A bloody oar was thrown aside.

“I thought that the owner of the yellow dog died in the flood. The yellow dog was willing to suffer from the stick and stopped the sedan to collect the body for the owner, but now it seems that it is avenging the owner!” Di Gong sighed, “this man should have escaped his life in the flood, but he was killed after landing. Poor! Escape natural disasters but avoid man-made disasters“

“Look at his injury, this man should be ready to go on the path after landing, and someone is behind…” Ma Rong made a gesture with the oar.

“At the same time, I searched his belongings. The most likely danger for a merchant to be out is to be robbed and killed,” Qiao Tai said. He was checking the body with Wu. “This man has nothing on him. He should have been taken away!”

“If this man had lost his money in the flood, he might not have this disaster.” Di Gong stood on the shore with his hands down and looked carefully at the boat with thousands of holes. “He was killed by the people on the same boat.”

“But how does your excellency know that it was the people on the same ship who killed him, not that he was robbed by people here after he landed? It is not impossible that this place is remote“

“Qiao Tai and Ma Rong came to see the boat. The boat was mottled and damaged, soaked in water and covered with mud. It was obvious that after a long struggle in the flood, there were two kinds of shoe marks, one big and one small, and dog paw marks in the boat. Obviously, there were two people and one dog on the boat. Maybe the merchant inadvertently exposed the gold and silver in the rush of the flood, When he escaped in the water and was safe, he was killed by the second man with ulterior motives. Look at the footprints on the shore, the big ones are businessmen’s, and the small ones follow closely. When he stopped at the grass, the merchant was buried here. Only the small footprints were left on the path and disappeared, while the footprints of the dog around the body were all around. It was obvious that the dog was frightened when the owner fell down and ran forward and back, Then he finally realized that his master had been unlucky, so he brought broken clothes to complain for his master, also known as a righteous dog! Yi Yi-“

“What kind of righteous dog? If it is a righteous dog, it should swear to protect the Lord to the death!” Ma Rong muttered.

“What did you find, my lord?” Of the two bodyguards, Rao is Qiao Tai’s delicate mind. Seeing Di Gong staring at the cloth and the body in a daze, he asked.

“Ma Rong, you’ve wronged the dog. He really vowed to protect the Lord to the death, because the blood cloth was not on the merchant. The merchant’s clothes were stained by water but not torn off. Although the two colors were similar, the patterns were different. The cloth should be the clothes worn by the murderer, and he was probably bitten by the dog.”

“Hehe, you are really good!” Ma Rong grinned and patted the yellow dog on the head.

“How do we find the killer? Sir, he has escaped. It’s even more difficult to find him from the crowd. We can’t let the yellow dog go around to recognize people in the capital of God“

“Of course not. Human nature is always greedy. We only need a small trap. However, just in case, Ma Rong immediately went to the Medical Museum and medicine shop to ask if there was such a victim bitten by a dog and dressed in moire silk clothes to seek medical treatment.”

“Yes, I’ll do it now!”

The next day, the government issued a notice to attract passers-by to stop to watch and talk. Several acid scholars shook their heads there and explained to the people.

“At that time, old DIGE said that a corpse was found on the side of the Luo river yesterday. It’s said that it was a robber wanted by the government for killing people and stealing goods. What’s more terrible is that he once stole a golden Bodhisattva donated by Princess Taiping in the White Horse Temple. The Royal East and West dare to steal it. It’s really bold!”

“It says that Lord Di investigated the scene and found that he was killed after a fight. It seems that he wanted to rob others again, but he was killed by that man!”

“Guess who reported the case, not a man but a dog. The dog also helped Lord Di find the golden Bodhisattva hidden in the interlayer of the bottom of a small broken ship! It’s said that we should commend it as a righteous dog“

“What else does the list say?”

“Lord Di is looking for the man who killed the robber and said he would reward him in public to show his behavior of eliminating harm for the people. There is still a lot of reward!”

“Lord Di is not afraid of being claimed by others?”

“Who is Lord di? Even today’s saints have boasted that “Di Gong’s case is really a God and man”, and Lord Di would not have thought of this! Lord Di said that only those who can take out the things belonging to the robber and tell the story of the incident can do it“

Within two days, it seemed that this rumor began to spread in the streets and alleys. The story was embellished and became more and more bizarre.

In Di’s house, Ma Rong was pacing back and forth anxiously. Qiao Tai couldn’t bear to hold him.

“Don’t turn around, you look dizzy!”

“Brother Qiao, how can I not be in a hurry? Do you think the plan can succeed?”

“After all these years with adults, when did you see that adults had the wrong hand!”

At this time, in the study, Di Gong was stroking the head of the yellow dog. “Dog, don’t worry, that man will come soon.” The yellow dog wagged its tail.

“My Lord, someone asked to see me outside the house and said he came to receive a reward.”

“You see, this is not coming.”


There was a man standing outside the house, dressed in royal clothes and with a solemn and sincere face. Although he was dressed as a businessman, he could not see any cunning. When Ma Rong saw it, he not only muttered to himself, “I’ve seen a lot of criminals, but this doesn’t look like a master at all. Is he the murderer?”

“Don’t talk too much, brother Ma Rong. What do you look like to be a murderer? We’ve seen a lot of people with a human face and an animal heart and a decent appearance. Why bother to say such childish words today. Here comes the adult. Let’s see how the adult asks him“

With his long beard in his hand, Di Gong came outside the house door, smiled and nodded to the people around him, and looked carefully at the people in front of him“ Are you the man on the ship with the dead“

“The villain Zhang Zhongliang was the one who was on the boat with the traitor. The Luohe River was flooded. The villain’s struggling life was on the boat, but he saw a man crying for help in the water. The villain was kind to save him for a moment. Who thought this man had ulterior motives. He didn’t think of the villain’s saving grace, but because his money was lost in the water, he made the idea of the villain’s hard-earned money to go out and buy and sell, and wanted to kill the villain’s life, Thanks to the villain’s flashing eyes on the ship, he felt that he was by no means a good man. He was more careful and picked up his life after landing. The villain knocked him down and left in a panic. He felt that he was worried about killing people, but he was afraid to tell the government that it was hard to argue, so he hid until now. He dared to come to the government today to tell everything. I hope the old man will forgive me. Please look, Mr. Ge. This is what the thief has“

“Really.” Di Gong twisted his beard and smiled, and gently looked through the things handed over by Zhang Zhongliang.

The “Wang Wang” yellow dog suddenly jumped up from the side and opened his mouth to bite. Qiao Tai grabbed it. Zhang Zhongliang looked at the yellow dog and turned white.

“Zhang Zhongliang, in that case, you should know the yellow dog. I checked the boat. The yellow dog should be on the boat with you. Let me ask you, is it your dog or the dog of the dead?”

“No, sir Hui. No one in the trade took a dog on the road. The beast was also saved by a villain. When the villain saw it sinking and floating in the water, he thought it was also a life to save it on the ship. He thought that the beast was wild and difficult to tame, but he bit me back without gratitude. Fortunately, I was beaten back with a boat oar without hurting the key. I was not fair when I met people, and the saved dog was also a wolf and jackal. It’s really lamentable and lamentable.”

“This story is very good, but what you tell is not true. Except for one thing, you did kill the dead with an oar and beat back the yellow dog. You are lying.”

“Why did you say that, my lord?”

“First of all, all the things on the notice are fake, but it’s just a trap to lead you to appear. God is in a water disaster. There are victims everywhere. How can I find out one by one and not give it for profit? How can you, a mercenary villain, show up? Secondly, your story should be told in reverse. When you lost all your money in the flood and almost lost your life, The dead on the boat found you and saved you. Later, they saved the rhubarb dog. Unfortunately, people are not as good as dogs. You are wholehearted in seeking money and life, but the yellow dog knows to go through fire and water for this salvation“

“My Lord, my Lord, how you wronged the villain!”

“Wronged you! After you two escaped in the water and landed safely, the deceased was exhausted and walked ahead, and you followed closely. Therefore, the footprints from the boat were one front and one back, one large and one small, the large one was the deceased’s, and the small one was yours. I have expanded the size and pattern of your footprints. Maybe you threw away your boots, but it’s not difficult to find them as long as you find them, But the size of your feet is not something you can change. You should hold the oar after you landed and hit the dead behind. If he wanted to murder you, as you said, and he turned in front of you, you would have a fight with him, but the footsteps on the scene were not messy. The footprints of the dead didn’t even turn back, so you had to kill him, When you searched for the money and belongings of the dead, the yellow dog rushed up and bit off a skirt on your clothes. You opened the yellow dog, fled the path and entered Luoyang City. You wanted to run away as soon as the disaster passed, but you saw that this list remained. Zhongliang, Zhongliang, it looks like Zhongliang, but it’s actually a bad, mercenary villain! You have already murdered other people’s lives and money, but you are greedy for the government’s reward. Today you come here and throw yourself into the net. There is a saying: the human heart is insufficient, and the snake swallows the elephant. That’s who you are“

“My Lord, the flood engulfed all the villain’s possessions. The goods transported by the villain are already at the bottom of the Luohe River. The villain even has a problem returning home. The villain almost lost his life in the water. After the villain was rescued, he had no choice but to see people’s money and evil intentions. There are still 80 people in the little family…”

“This is the end of the matter. It’s useless to say more. Take the law enforcers down!”

“My Lord, in fact, it’s really mysterious. If the yellow dog doesn’t stop the sedan and if Zhang Zhongliang doesn’t want to reward silver, the dead will eventually become a lonely ghost.”

“Ma Rong, you should remember that ‘heaven does not hide traitors’ means that!” Di Gong smiled, leaned down and patted the yellow dog’s head.

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