Historical Story: Eating Chancellor

Zhang Qixian was a famous politician and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, having served as a minister for twenty-one years. He was a famous politician and literary scholar of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is especially rare that he was able to join the military and defeated the Khitan and Liao soldiers, the powerful enemies of the north, many times. Zhang Qixian was tall and sturdy, good at talking, had a vision, loyal to the king and served the country, and corrected many wrongful cases in his hands. He also liked to promote the future, especially the poor students, the two dynasties of Emperor Taizong Zhenzong talent, and he found talent, reuse talent is also inseparable.

Zhang Qixian has two characteristics, one is bold, the second is able to eat. Zhang Qixian’s family is poor, grew up with little food and clothing, because of the huge volume, basically never had enough to eat, his biggest wish is to pray for the neighbors to open a fasting meal in return for a wish. In this way, he can pick up a free meal and eat a big one, even if it is met with blank stares.

Once in time to eat fasting rice, not full, looking at the neighbor’s backyard hanging a cowhide, hand-held sheep carry home, cooked a pot of cowhide soup, with belt hair swallowed whole, this way of eating although down points child, but can be full, as for the svengali well, put aside for the time being.

Eating Chancellor

Zhang Qixian not only bold but also bold, in order to mix a belly round, not hesitate to take risks.

Once, after a group of bandits burned and plundered, gathered at the hotel to eat and drink, passers-by were afraid to avoid, have fled, Zhang Qixian smelled the meat from afar, can not help but have a great appetite, he came straight to the bandits, arching his hand, said: “I ah my family is poor, hungry really can not, can not let me eat a full meal?”

The bandits were very surprised, and one of them said, “You can condescend to me, why not, but we are all rough people, I am afraid you will laugh?”

Zhang Qixian, who had a soft mouth, hastened to flatter him, “Those who are bandits are not mediocre people, but heroes in the world, only that their luck is not good and they have become bandits.”

The pirates were delighted, and let Zhang Qixian take a cup and drink, Zhang Qixian was also hungry and dizzy, took the leg of pork, wolf swallowed the wind, and a big bowl of wine, and a big mouth of meat, calm and relaxed. A freeloader, performance than the robbers and more bold atmosphere.

The group of thieves looked at each other and said, “You are really the material to be the prime minister. If you really become the prime minister one day, don’t forget us, the people who are living in the rivers and lakes.”

A scholar, able to be so unconventional, and in the den of tigers and wolves, calm and comfortable, feasting, absolutely no one. Zhang Qixian’s godly performance conquered a group of lords, and the group of thieves competed to give gold and silver, Zhang Qixian took a big package, did not resist, and returned with a heavy load.


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