Historical Story: Gold and jade are outside, and corruption is in it

In the Ming Dynasty, there was a fruit seller in Hangzhou who was good at storing oranges. His preserved oranges will not rot after a winter and a summer. The orange skin is red and moist, full of water, and very beautiful like gemstones. Although the price of citrus is very high, many people buy it.


On one occasion, Liu Ji, a minister of the Ming Dynasty, bought him an orange. When he peeled it, it smelled. Looking at the fruit pulp inside, it had already dried like broken cotton wool. Liu Ji angrily asked, “why do you cheat customers?”

Gold and jade are outside, and corruption is in it

The citrus seller smiled and said, “I have been doing this business for many years, and I live on it. I am willing to sell and others are willing to buy. No one has a problem. Only your gentleman is not satisfied. You know, there are many people cheating in the world today! Don’t you think that those generals who wear military talismans around their waist seem to be defending the country. Do they really have the fighting skills of Sun Tzu and Wu Qi? Are those people who wear black gauze hats and are full of air really talented people for governing the country? In fact, they don’t have much ability. They simply ignore the sufferings of the people; The officials acted recklessly, and they did not stop them. They only care about their full stomach and consume the food and money of the country, but they don’t know shame. These people, like the oranges I sell, look very bright, but they have nothing in their stomach. ”


After hearing these words, Liu Ji was speechless. After returning home, he wrote the article “the words of orange sellers”, in which there was a sentence “outside the gold and jade, there is corruption”.

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