Historical Story: Jingwei reclamation story

Before the Xia Dynasty, the state had not been formed. At that time, the emperors were far less rich and enjoyed many privileges than the later emperors; But a pure public servant of the people, who has only the responsibility to do his duty. The emperor’s children have no special titles such as Prince and princess, and their status is not dignified, just like the children of the common people.

Jingwei reclamation story

Emperor Yan had a daughter named Jingwei, who was cheerful and lively and liked to fight against injustice. One day, she went out of the village to play with children. She saw an older child riding a child as a horse. The child was tired and climbed down, but the older child refused to give up.

Jingwei walked over, pointed to the big boy’s forehead and angrily scolded, “you are too shameless. What ability is it to bully children? If you have the strength to fight tigers and bears, people will say you are a hero.”

The older child saw that Jingwei was a little girl and was born thin and weak. He didn’t pay attention to her at all. He jumped off the child’s back, went to Jingwei and said, “I’m the son of the sea dragon king. Who are you? How dare you take care of me!”

Jingwei said, “what’s the big deal about the son of the Dragon King? I’m still the daughter of Emperor Yan. You should not go wild on the land in the future. Be careful that I hang you on a tree to dry.”

The Dragon King’s son said, “I’ll let you know my power first, and then mind my business.” he began to fight. Jingwei followed his father up the mountain to hunt since childhood. He was very flexible and strong. Seeing that the other party was rude and rude, he didn’t show weakness. He dodged the other party’s fist, flew up and kicked the Dragon King’s son.

The Dragon King’s son stood up and refused to admit defeat. He punched again and again. He was punched in the chest by Jingwei.

The Dragon King’s son saw that he could not beat Jingwei, so he had to return to the sea in dismay.

A few days later, Jingwei went swimming in the sea and was having a good time. It happened that the son of the Dragon King found it. He swam over and said to Jingwei, “you picked up a bargain on land one day. Today, you run to my house and admit your mistake quickly, or I’ll make waves and drown you.”

Jingwei said stubbornly, “I’m right. What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Jingwei was stubborn and didn’t mean to admit defeat, the son of the Dragon King immediately stirred the sea and set off fierce winds and waves. Jingwei was drowned before he could struggle.

After Jingwei died, he became a red clawed and white billed bird, determined to fill the sea. She threw stones and branches into the sea with her mouth, and made a cry of “Jingwei, Jingwei”, which seemed to inspire herself. She never stops every year.

Jingwei reclamation means: Jingwei brings wood and stone and is determined to fill the sea. It used to be a metaphor of deep hatred and determination to revenge. Now the metaphor is determined and not afraid of difficulties.

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