Historical Story: On the third day of their separation, they treated each other with admiration

LV Meng of Soochow in the Three Kingdoms period was a man of erudition. After Zhou Yu died, he succeeded the governor of Soochow. The design defeated Guan Yu of Shuhan, and sent the general pan Zhang to kill Guan Yu. Soon after that, he also died.

Historical Story

LV Meng was originally a man who didn’t work hard, so he didn’t have much knowledge. Lu Su saw him and felt that there was nothing desirable. Later, when Lu Su met him again, he saw that he was completely different from before. He was so powerful. When he talked about military issues, he seemed very knowledgeable, which surprised Lu su. Then he smiled and joked, “now, your knowledge is so good. You are both brave and resourceful. You are no longer Amun under Wu.”

LV Meng replied, “three days after you leave, you should look at it differently!” LV Meng’s words.

The meaning of “treating each other with admiration” means that others have made progress and should look at them differently.

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