Historical Story: Pawn prescription

During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, there was a pawnshop called heyidang outside Zhengyang gate of the capital. Its business was very prosperous. That afternoon, little shopkeeper Yu Zhongman was sitting in the shop when he suddenly saw a short man hurried to the counter and took out a yellow paper from his arms, “I want to be this prescription.”

Yu Zhongman can’t help but be stunned. He has been an apprentice with his master in this pawnshop since he was six years old. After more than ten years of learning, he has seen tens of millions of pawnshops, but he has never seen a classic prescription. He took the prescription and looked at it, but he saw that the prescription said more than a dozen herbs such as plantain and mint. It was specially indicated below that it was specially used to treat loss of appetite, body loss, thin body, fatigue and weakness. Seeing his hesitation, the man asked hurriedly, “do you think it’s wrong or wrong to say a word? If only I met another owner who didn’t know what to buy?”

Historical Story: Pawn prescription

Yu Zhongman is young and energetic. He can’t tolerate others saying that he doesn’t know the goods, but now this pawn is really rare, and the big shopkeeper is invited by the boss’s family to go on an outing in the countryside to enjoy the flowers. He has no one to discuss, so he has to make his own decisions, secretly accept the pawn, and then calmly say: “What you want is just a prescription. If an ordinary doctor can prescribe a prescription, your prescription is worthless. If you go back and write down this prescription, it will be even more waste paper.”

The man hurriedly said, “this prescription is the foundation of my ronghua hall. No one can write it except me. I can also write a note for you. If I write this prescription again in the future, I’m willing to compensate you for double money. Little brother, to tell you the truth, if I didn’t hurry to buy that store and don’t have enough money for a while, how could you see this prescription?” Yu Zhongman asked the man to give him a written note. The prescription should not be spread. He lowered the price and took it for 30 liang of silver. The man repeatedly told him not to show the prescription to others. He will redeem the prescription within three months.

In the evening, the boss and the big shopkeeper came back and checked the accounts. They were surprised to see that he received a prescription and were busy asking him to take it out. After reading the prescription, they were also wide eyed and didn’t know for a moment. The big shopkeeper was a little unhappy and blamed: “It’s a prescription, but it’s actually a piece of waste paper. It’s said that he wrote this prescription. I don’t know, but let me know. He said that if he added or reduced a few herbs in addition to this prescription, it would become another prescription. We still can’t make a reason, so we can only be dumb.”

Yu Zhongman was busy defending: “boss, shopkeeper, I don’t dare to accept it indiscriminately. That man is very sincere and will count his words. When he gave me the prescription, his hands were shaking, which shows how important the prescription is to him. If it wasn’t really a last resort, he wouldn’t take out the prescription.” The shopkeeper wanted to argue with him again. The boss was busy stopping him. After thinking about it, he asked the waiter to find peilang Zhong and ask him to test this prescription.

Yu Zhongman hurriedly said that he couldn’t do this. The man told him that the prescription couldn’t be spread out, and he also promised them. Before they redeemed it, they had to ensure the secrecy of the prescription. The boss was also a little unhappy, “Now let’s find a doctor to test it. If this prescription is a piece of waste paper, it can prove that it’s a fraud. I’ll find a way to find this man, and then find a way to ask him to redeem the goods. If I wait another three months and the cauliflower is cold, who else can I find?” Yu Zhongman insisted that he must keep the secret when he promised that the prescription could not be spread. The boss also knew that he was stubborn, so he stepped back, copied another copy of the prescription, and specifically missed two of them. Yu Zhongman couldn’t say anything more, so he had to nod his head.

After a while, the waiter found Pei Langzhong. The boss handed him the prescription. After reading it, peilang laughed, raised the paper and said: “This prescription is full of nonsense. These drugs are all anti fire drugs. It’s almost the same to treat abdominal distension and food accumulation. To treat loss of appetite, loss of body, fatigue and weakness is the opposite. It will only be more and more serious. Which bastard doctor wrote this prescription?”

The big shopkeeper was busy covering up and said, “we just got such a prescription by chance. We didn’t dare to use it without authorization. In particular, we came to ask Mr. Pei.” There is an unwritten rule in the shop. No matter who looks at the shop and accepts the cheated goods, all the people in the shop must find a way to cover up the past. Otherwise, once the reputation of the pawn shop is spread, no one dares to buy the dead pawn goods in your shop. Can your shop continue?

Yu Zhongman said, “that man won’t lie to me. There’s nothing wrong with this prescription.”

As soon as Dr. Pei heard this, he widened his eyes angrily and asked him fiercely, “your prescription is right. Is that what I said wrong?” He thought he was good at medicine and could cure many difficult and complicated diseases. Unexpectedly, a small shopkeeper of a pawnshop dared to doubt him, which made him very angry. The boss and the big shopkeeper were busy coming to persuade him. Doctor Pei was also a powerful man. He didn’t accept this feeling. He angrily said to Zhong man, “whether your prescription is true or false, good or bad, I don’t need to say it or you don’t need to say it. Let’s find a place to say it.”

He told Yu Zhongman that just a few days ago, a medical list was posted outside the ninth Lord’s house. It turned out that the ninth Lord had a strange disease of loss of appetite, thin body and fatigue. He invited many royal doctors and many famous doctors in the capital. I don’t know how many prescriptions and medicines he took, but they didn’t work. Today’s ninth Lord is thin as skin and bones. That’s the list Doctor. He also took a fancy to the hundred Liang gold offered as a reward, but he only gave the pulse to the ninth Lord and slipped away without even daring to open the prescription. Isn’t Yu Zhongman’s prescription right for the ninth Lord’s disease? If you want to say it’s true, take it to the ninth Lord for treatment. If you can cure the ninth Lord’s disease, I’d rather worship you as a teacher.

The boss and the chief shopkeeper were so surprised that they smacked their tongues. They sent Pei Langzhong away and came back to persuade Yu Zhongman, but they saw that the room was empty and Yu Zhongman’s shadow had long disappeared. They hurried to the west of the city and found the ninth Lord’s government office, but they saw Zhong man unveiling the list and stepping into the door. They shouted quickly, but Yu Zhongman ignored him and strode into the door. They hurried after him, But they were stopped by two guards. The two people were so anxious that they stamped their feet: if the ninth Lord was cured for good or bad, would he still be alive?

Yu Zhongman pretended to give the ninth Lord a pulse and gave him the prescription. Fu Jin urgently ordered his family to break open the door of the drugstore overnight, grab the medicine according to the prescription and boil it out to feed the ninth Lord. Before dawn, the effect of the medicine slowly came into play. The ninth Lord ran to the toilet one after another. In less than half a day, he was so soft that he couldn’t even straighten his waist.

Fu Jin felt strange and asked too Zhongman to ask. Yu Zhongman was not a doctor and revealed his stuffing after a few words. Fu Jin asked again. Yu Zhongman had to tell the truth, which made Fu Jin tremble. He ordered his men to tie him up and send him to the official.

At this time, the guard came in and reported that there was another doctor who claimed to be able to cure the king’s illness. Fujin was busy ordering the guard to bring the doctor. Shortly after, the guard brought the doctor. Yu Zhongman was stunned when he saw that it was the man who pawned the prescription “I’ve tried your prescription and it doesn’t work at all. You’d better leave early to save yourself from getting angry.” the man was relieved when he saw him. He turned to Fujin and said, “Fujin, I’m the head of ronghua hall, and my name is song Bingchen. I’ll try my best to cure the Lord. If I can’t cure it, I’d like to accept any disposal. But before I treat it, I have another request.” Fu Jin saw that he was sincere, so he nodded.

Song Bingchen pointed to Yu Zhongman and said, “this brother is kind to me. I want to exchange him with myself.”

Fu Jin was anxious to ask him to cure the Lord, so he didn’t want to instigate more with him, so he said, “whatever you want. If you cure the Lord, you’ll let bygones be bygones, and you’ll pay you one hundred liang of gold as stated in the list. If you cure the Lord, I’ll report it to the emperor to see that he won’t destroy your nine families! Come on, what’s your unique skill?”

Song Bingchen unhurriedly pulled a small wooden box from his side and opened it. There were several layers of wooden boards in it. Each layer was neatly packed with exquisite small dumplings. Fu Jin opened his eyes in amazement. Song Bingchen took out one layer, counted 16 dumplings, put the rest back in the box and said to Fu Jin: “Cook these dumplings first and give them to the Lord to see how he will react after eating them.” Fu Jin was skeptical, but ordered someone to cook them in the kitchen.

After a while, the dumplings were cooked. Before the cook brought them, the hall smelled a fragrance, and even Fujin swallowed his saliva. Song Bingchen hurriedly told Fujin that the dumplings would be better for the king to eat. Fujin took the people out in a hurry. Song Bingchen hurriedly untied the rope for Yu Zhongman and said, “go quickly.”

Yu Zhongman said calmly, “I’ll go with you when you cure the Lord. You have to give me a certificate that your prescription is not only true, but also the ninth Lord.”

Song Bingchen was so anxious that he stamped his feet. “Brother, you’re so confused. My prescription is just an ingredient for a meal, not a prescription for treating diseases!” Yu Zhongman was also stunned. “Isn’t your prescription written to treat loss of appetite, thin body and fatigue?” song Bingchen had to explain to him again: “My meal does have this effect, but you don’t give the ninth Prince dinner, but only give him laxative, which won’t kill him? I’m afraid the effect of this meal can’t catch up with your medicine. Go quickly, and it’s too late to instigate again.”

But Yu Zhongman didn’t go, “it’s so dangerous. Why do you come here?”

Song Bingchen suddenly took his hand, “if I don’t come to save you, it’s hard for me to have a conscience.”

Song Bingchen had to tell him that just this morning, heyidang’s big shopkeeper went to ronghua hall and found him. He told him that Yu Zhongman was looking for the ninth Lord to test the prescription, and asked him to find a way to save Yu Zhongman. Song Bingchen was also frightened when he heard this. His prescription was originally a secret biography of ronghua hall and a fire extinguishing prescription, which was specially used for the shepherd’s purse dumpling. Shepherd’s purse dumpling is ronghua hall The stuffing of dumplings should be made of fresh shepherd’s purse and lean meat collected in early spring. The shepherd’s purse is born from perennial roots. It is still bred in the soil layer in cold winter. A kind of fat and white insects are parasitic on the roots. When they choose vegetables, they especially leave these perennial roots and insects. The dumplings made of fruits are extremely fragrant and taste all over the world, but they are easy to attract people because of their high nutrition Fire, supplemented by these defeated gunpowder, can not only keep the delicious taste, but also keep people from getting angry. Ronghua hall has such good things, but because the shop is deep in the alley and the decoration is old, it is difficult to attract high-profile diners, and they can’t make money. Just a few days ago, he heard that Xinji pastry shop on Zhengyangmen street was going to be sold, so he wanted to sell it, so he was anxious to get angry I tried to raise money everywhere. Later, I couldn’t help it, so I pawned this prescription.

Of course Yu Zhongman didn’t know that this was Zhang zuofang, so he gave it directly to the ninth Lord. The ninth Lord had eaten less food because of his loss of appetite. Didn’t he want to kill him alive? Song Bingchen felt that Yu Zhongman was in a hurry to save him and caused such a disaster in order to verify this prescription. He cooked himself, wrapped these dumplings, and then hurriedly Hurry to save the ninth Lord. I hope the ninth Lord can love this dumpling, and they can turn bad luck into good luck.

Yu Zhongman was stunned. Doctor Pei was right. This prescription is really not a prescription that Zhang can cure diseases. After accepting such a pawn, he still went astray.

At this time, they heard a sound of “Tongtong” footsteps. Then they saw the ninth Lord stride in, staring at a pair of leopard eyes and loudly asking, “who sent me the dumplings?” song Bingchen was happy. Unexpectedly, the ninth Lord was in good health and carried it through the level. He hurried up and agreed. Unexpectedly, the ninth Lord grabbed his neck collar and roared: “You just make a few, but it’s not enough to fill your teeth. Don’t you want to live and greedy me?” the ninth Lord didn’t eat much for many days. He let Yu Zhongman diarrhea. His stomach was empty. He had just eaten such delicious dumplings, but there were only so few. How can he be in a hurry?

Song Bingchen quickly lost his smile and said, “Lord, there are plenty of dumplings. I’m afraid I’ll break you, so I’ll cook less…” Lord nine was excited when he saw that there were dumplings in his small wooden box. He grabbed the wooden box. His opponent said, “cook them for me. Whoever dares to stop me from eating, I’ll kill him!”

The ninth Lord fell in love with this mouth. He first rewarded song Bingchen with 100 liang of gold. In the future, he often went to his shop to eat dumplings with various flavors. Song Bingchen’s ronghua hall had unlimited scenery for a time.

As soon as he came out of the ninth Lord’s house, song Bingchen rushed to heyidang and redeemed the prescription. Then he and Yu Zhongman set a table to burn incense and became brothers.

When Yu Zhongman saw song Bingchen, he was sure that he was a sincere man, that he would come to redeem the pawn in the future, and that he would pay a high price of 30 Liang silver for his prescription. It can be seen how accurate he was at seeing people, not to mention the dead eyed goods. After his anecdote spread in the capital, more people came to heyidang to buy goods, and heyidang became more prosperous.

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