Historical Story: Percussion shed

In the late Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi finally returned to Beijing after hunting in the West for more than a year in order to avoid the disaster of the Eight Power Allied forces. On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month that year, she ordered the world to celebrate together.

Xie bizhai, the magistrate of Xiuwu County, was so anxious that he became angry when he saw that there was no movement in the county. When the Empress Dowager returned to Luan and Xiuwu County failed to celebrate, she faced the risk of taking off her black hat. But Xie bizhai suffered because he didn’t have money in his hand. He ruled the people so poor that he really couldn’t bear to exploit them again.

Historical Story

Looking at the master’s sad face, he circled around in his study. The master asked Xie bizhai: “why don’t you visit master Han on Laocheng street?” master Han on Laocheng street, named Zhifeng, is not only the descendant of Han Yu, but also a rich man with a thousand hectares card. He is known as a kind man. In the past, there were public welfare activities in the county. Han Zhifeng often took the initiative to give money and food to help. Xie bizhai benefited a lot, but Han Zhifeng’s brother was the head of the Ministry of punishment in the capital. Therefore, Xie bizhai dared not take the initiative to make Han Zhifeng’s idea.

Xie bizhai had no choice but to visit the Han family. When Han Zhifeng learned that Xie Zhi county was visiting, he dared not neglect it. He opened the middle door and took his family out to meet him. When Xie bizhai was thinking about how to speak, Han Zhifeng took the initiative to ask, “magistrate, Empress Dowager huiluan, the whole country is celebrating. Why is there no movement in our martial arts practice?”

Xie bizhai was really moved, so he went down the slope and said something about the difficulties of the county government, and asked Han Zhifeng to help. Han Zhifeng stroked his long beard and did not mention it in a polite way. He said his thoughts directly: “what do you think of that, my lord?” he invested by my Han family and organized the temple fair in Town God’s Temple, Lao Cheng street, and the whole county celebrated for half a month.

Xie bizhai’s heart fell like a boulder, but he also understood Han Zhifeng’s good intentions: the poor people in the county can use the temple fair as a platform to barter things and spend the barren years. It is really a righteous act for the benefit of one party! Thinking of this, Xie bizhai got up and bowed to Han Zhifeng: “then please be the head of the meeting and prepare for the temple fair. The sooner the better.” Han Zhifeng kept returning gifts.

Han Zhifeng was ready, with abundant financial resources and everything going smoothly. The temple fair in Town God’s Temple will open on the nine day of the first month.

Early in the morning, Xie Bi Hai accompanied Han Zhifeng to Town God’s Temple. The scene was called a lively: the same as below: the big drum book, fortune telling, plaster, drawing, magic, and tricks. Xie bizhai saw that Yanling green onions, Jiangbian zhuanghun soup cabbage, wuliyuan Songhua eggs, Nanmeng baskets, and other superfluous items such as chairs, tables, plows, rakes and trolleys were put on the temple fair by the people. It seems that after the temple fair, many families can exchange some small money to make a living.

Seeing that all the business had not opened, Xie bizhai felt strange and asked Han Zhifeng what was going on. Han Zhifeng explained with a smile: “The leader of the businessmen sells combs. Where a new temple fair is to be held, we should first discuss with the combs seller. He will invite all kinds of businesses and help the leader to delimit the civil and military business territory. Now all kinds of businesses and gadgets are placed in order. When the comb seller opens his mouth, you see, all kinds of businesses are opened, gongs and drums The eight immortals cross the sea and show their abilities. ”

Xie bizhai smiled and said, “let them start.”

When Han Zhifeng waved to the man who sold the comb, the elongated voice of the man who sold the comb opened: “sell – comb – comb – come!” the temple fair was as lively as a pot of boiling water.

Xie bizhai happily returned to the county government office. After taking his seat, he was still gasping for breath. Shiye ran in and said, “master, it’s amazing! Han Zhifeng is in trouble. Businessmen are clamoring to knock on the shed and strike the market!”

Xie Bi Hai asked the reason why. After Xie Bi Hai and Han Zhifeng left Town God’s Temple, the Han family went to visit the temple fair. He saw a trick girl who came from the Baoding government. He did not speak the second language. He told the family to take it away. He said he wanted to go home to get married. Now the whole temple fair was turbulent, and the magic tricks remained unchanged. The singing of the drum book was not sung, and the two business of Wen and Wu were all tidied up. If you quit, you should know the county adults to make decisions for the people.

Xie bizhai hasn’t seen anyone rob people in broad daylight in five years of martial arts. It’s incredible that the owner is Han Zhifeng’s son, because Han Zhifeng always has a strict family education. The most important thing is that this temple fair is a celebration for the Empress Dowager huiluan. At this time, the temple Fair will stop halfway when the tent is knocked down. How can I explain to the magistrate? Do you want this black veil Xie bizhai broke out in a cold sweat. He didn’t even care to wear his official hat. He hurried to the Han mansion to persuade Han Zhifeng to understand the general situation and take into account the overall situation and let the dozen style performing girl go.

Unexpectedly, Xie bizhai bumped into a nail in front of Han’s house. Han Zhifeng didn’t even open the door. The housekeeper said ominously through the crack of the door: “magistrate, you go back. Master Han is not free at the moment. He has to be busy doing a wedding for the childe.”

Xie bizhai was livid with anger, but he couldn’t think of a way for a moment. Seeing that the magistrate of the temple fair was in a mess, he expected that he had nothing to do with Han Zhifeng, so he went back to the temple fair angrily. He saw that the comb seller took away the stall, carried the burden, and walked around the business markets. All the businessmen followed him to close the stall and left. Suddenly, the people at the temple fair left To be clean, Town God’s Temple was suddenly deserted.

When Xie bizhai returned to the county government office, he began to think about how to fight the challenge arena with Han Zhifeng. At this time, the martial master sent a letter: there was a plague in xiaoniuzhuang village in the south of the city, which needs to be dealt with immediately. Xie bizhai didn’t dare to be careless. He reported it and dealt with it himself. It was two months later that the plague in Xiuwu County was put out, and Xie bizhai was so tired that he lost a big circle. Although the temple fair was abandoned in the middle of the way, he made great contributions to the eradication of the plague At last, he was relieved. Now he sat in the lobby of the county government and thought: it should come to an end that childe Han Zhifeng forcibly robbed civilian women.

He was about to summon Han Zhifeng. Unexpectedly, the master came in and sent a message saying, “Sir, Han Zhifeng is coming.”

Xie bizhai sneered. Hum, this martial arts cultivation is really an evil door. Who wants to come? He sat still and watched Han Zhifeng take three people to the lobby. When he saw Xie bizhai, Han Zhifeng came forward and bowed deeply and said, “my lord…”

Xie bizhai stopped his words and said, “master Han came to the County Yamen to send the prisoners who forcibly robbed people’s women to surrender themselves?”

Han Zhifeng smiled and didn’t answer. Instead, he pushed his son forward and said, “this is the prisoner who forcibly robbed people’s women.” he turned and introduced the old man and girl behind him: “this is his in laws and daughter-in-law. I’ve seen adults.” the three hurriedly saluted.

Seeing Xie bizhai’s surprised face, Han Zhifeng calmly explained: it turned out that the temple fair was opened on the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year. When he returned home, he found that the family members who went to Xiaoniu village to collect rent were infected with the plague. Han Zhifeng knew a little about medicine and immediately thought that the temple fair was a sea of people, and the plague might spread widely throughout the county through the temple fair. But in a hurry, he didn’t think of the way to stop the temple fair immediately, which coincided with his in laws taking his daughter from the county When Baoding came to get married, he had no choice but to discuss with his in laws before he played a farce of robbing relatives in public, so as to arouse people’s anger and achieve the purpose of knocking on the shed and striking the market.

Xie bizhai was moved in his heart, but he said, “I came to your house in person, but I closed the door. What should I say?”

Han Zhifeng saluted again: “the rent collection family is infected with the plague. My home is already an unclean place. How can adults enter again?”

Xie bizhai laughed: “master Han, do you recognize punishment or not?”

This time it’s Han Zhifeng’s turn to be surprised. Xie Zhi county doesn’t accept his actions at all. Xie bizhai pointed to Han Zhifeng’s son and daughter-in-law and said, “I’ll punish you for making up the wedding for the young couple. I’ll take the lead!”

Seeing Xie Zhixian say so, Han Zhifeng and his in laws laughed.

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