Historical Story: Siege plan

After the an Shi rebellion was calmed down, Shancheng ningyao was still occupied by the remnant army of rebel general Xue Biao. Guo Ziyi, the General Commander of the rebellion, ordered his son Guo Jin to lead the army to fight the rebellion.

The army found that the rebels had plundered the people and food from villages outside the city into the city, and there was no food to levy. Guo Jin hurried to send someone back to urge for food and grass, and then led the army to attack the city.

Siege plan

When the soldiers were about to climb to the top of the wall, the rebels hung rows of withered vines from above. They were dense, hard and hard. They couldn’t pick their guns and cut them constantly. Guo Jin ordered the archers to put rockets into the hanging vine. The arrow in the hanging vine caught fire, but before the fire spread, the rebels in the city watered the hanging vine and put out the fire.

Guo Jin convened the generals to discuss for a long time, but he didn’t come up with a solution, so he had to besiege the city. That night, it rained heavily, mountain torrents broke out, and the grain road of the army was cut off.

After dawn, someone broke into the camp and claimed to be the rebel division he De.

He de was taken into Guo Jin’s camp, fell down and said he hadn’t eaten for two days. Guo Jin gave him some food before he explained his intention. The rebels in the city are divided into Jianghu gang and inland gang. The Jianghu Gang headed by Xue Biao was originally a thief. He was a local Jinshi. He only attached to the rebels because he offended powerful people. Other mainland gangs were also good people and joined the rebels because of persecution. Now all the food in the city is occupied by Jianghu gangs. The inland gang and the people are starving. The inland Gang wants to be welcomed by the imperial court. He risked his life to surrender just to send the inland Gang brothers home.

Guo Jin didn’t worry and said slowly, “in that case, you just bring out the people who want to surrender.” he de said: “although the mainland Gang brothers wholeheartedly surrendered, they were involved in the rebellion after all. They don’t know whether they can be forgiven by the court. They want to invite the senior general to enter the city and announce the exemption order on behalf of the court, so they can safely take refuge and become insiders.”

Guo Jin asked him to go down and rest first, and then called the people to discuss the matter. Some people say it’s better to take the opportunity to kill Hede, a poisonous snake. Others say that if Hede is killed, the desperate rebels will fight a desperate battle. At present, the food and grass will be exhausted… Hearing that the food and grass will be exhausted, Guo Jin is anxious: “we must destroy the city before the food and grass are exhausted, or the military will be unstable!”

He frowned and thought for a moment. He said, “if you don’t go into the tiger’s den, you can get a tiger’s son. Go to the city tonight.” then he called He De and made an appointment with him to go to the city at three o’clock.

At three o’clock, Guo Jin led a team of soldiers to the gate. When he saw that the door was open, he asked a soldier to bring a dog and put it in the door. After waiting for a meal, the dog ran back. Guo Jin stroked the dog’s head and gently comforted: “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” he ordered his own soldier to “stand up!” the soldier took out the pigeon from his backpack and threw it into the night sky. The pigeon quietly flew back to the camp. The time was not long, and there was a fire in the camp. The soldiers exclaimed, “the camp is on fire!” Guo Jin ordered to retreat.

After dawn, he de came again to ask why he broke the appointment. Guo Jin replied that he had reached the city gate and was forced to withdraw because of a fire in the camp. When he de asked when he would enter the city again, Guo Jin sighed and said, “let the fire make a noise, and I’m very upset.” he asked he De to go back first and send someone to deliver the letter when he decided.

For many days, Guo Jin didn’t contact he De. Today, he de came again and untied the package without saying anything. Guo Jin was shocked when he saw that there was a head in the package. It was Xue Biao, a traitor who had fought on the battlefield.

He de said, “I killed Xue Biao while he was drunk in the mansion. The Jianghu Gang is still in the drum. Once they find Xue Biao killed, they will become a mad dog. Not only the mainland guild will become their ghost, but also the people in the city will suffer. If you don’t make a decision, I’m afraid the people will suffer.”

Guo Jin’s boxing case: “to tell you the truth, the army has run out of food now. I have made up my mind. I will only wait until the people who go into the mountains to find herdsmen come back and let the soldiers fill their stomachs and act immediately.” he de was stunned: “there were many herdsmen around ningyao city. After the rebels occupied ningyao, they hid in the mountains. I’m afraid it’s hard to find them.” Guo Jin said, Recently, I happened to see the hoof prints of livestock in the grassland, so I thought of looking for herdsmen according to the hoof prints.

Just at this time, a large number of cattle and sheep poured into the barracks. The soldiers who went to find reported that the herdsmen hiding in the mountains were willing to offer cattle and sheep when they heard that the officers and soldiers who came to eliminate the rebels were short of food. Guo Jin laughed and said that he would let the soldiers have a big meal, and then went to the city at three o’clock that night.

As soon as he de left, Guo Jin’s face was gloomy. He strictly ordered that cattle and sheep should not be slaughtered. Those who disobeyed the order should be beheaded. The generals were puzzled: “didn’t the general just say to feed the soldiers? How has it changed now?” Guo Jin said coldly, “just now, now.” at that moment, a large number of cattle and sheep entered the camp, with a total of thousands. The soldiers who had been hungry for a day looked eagerly at the cattle and sheep.

The soldiers gathered around Guo Jin. He didn’t say anything when he wanted to say. He ordered the quartermaster to pick some thin sheep, kill them, boil them into broth and give them to the soldiers. As a result, each of them had only half a bowl. The Quartermaster took a bowl of minced meat from the soup pot and brought it to him. He poured it into the pot again. Like everyone, he only drank half a bowl of broth.

When night came, the soldiers marched out hungry. The personal team took over the cattle and sheep according to Guo Jin’s order and drove them into the night.

Guo Jin led his team straight into the city. The streets were narrow and empty. While searching around, a torch suddenly lit up at the intersection, showing rows of rebels hiding behind shields and archers on the roof. He de appeared at the entrance of the alley and sneered, “General Guo, I racked my brains to bring you to the city.” Guo said calmly, “you killed Xue Biao and took the military power long ago, didn’t you?” he de asked, “how did General Guo know?” Guo Jin said: “the head of Xue Biao you showed me was salted.” he de said: “It’s General Guo. It’s like watching fire. Well, I’ll explain the whole story of this plot to you so that you can understand.”

He Dedao, Xue Biao is a bold and reckless man. The real power of this rebel army has already fallen into his hands. He encouraged his men to kill Xue Biao and take off Xue Biao’s head to marinate it for future use. After he skillfully prevented the army from attacking the city with vines, he came up with a plan to take Guo Jin as a hostage, and then negotiate terms with Guo Jin’s Lao Tzu who can control the government and threaten old man Guo to encourage the emperor The superior and the subordinate decreed that he de should be the king of this place and take off his rebellious hat. To make this plan successful, we must lure Guo into the city.

He knew very well that only when he made Guo Jin believe that the rebels were about to infighting could he deceive Guo Jin into the city. So he went on a hunger strike for a few days, staged a bitter meat trick in the army camp, and lobbied Guo Jin with the lie that the rebels in the city were divided into Jianghu gangs and mainland gangs. Last time, he almost cheated Guo Jin into the city. Unfortunately, the camp caught fire, which ruined his good deed.

Guo Jin laughed and said: “Do you know how the fire started? I put a dog in front of the city gate. The dog was painstakingly trained. It moved quickly and had a good sense of smell. The dog went in and smelled the sweat of your ambush and told me I knew. I asked my own soldiers to stand up and fly back to the camp. The soldiers left behind set fire to a pile of weeds according to my previous instructions. I withdrew when I saw the fire, The purpose of setting this fire is to find a proper reason to withdraw and not let you suspect that I was aware of your plot so that I could continue acting with you. Because I dragged you before I thought of a way to break your ambush in the city, but you were impatient and threw out the bait of Xue Biao’s head. Coincidentally, I found a way to break the ambush… ”

He de smiled: “your way is to let the soldiers eat a meal of beef and mutton, and then let me kill them? My soldiers are good at hand to hand combat in the alley with short blades. You can’t play with the knives and guns you use in the field here. Your arrows can’t shoot through my shield.”

Guo Jin snorted coldly, “I not only have swords, guns and sharp arrows, but also have a strange soldier. Personal team, quickly transfer the strange soldiers to the battle!”

At the gate of the city, there was a cry of driving livestock and the cry of cattle and sheep. The officers and soldiers heard the sound and flashed to both sides of the street, and thousands of cattle and sheep with flaming tails and sharp knives tied to their horns poured in like a flood. The cattle and sheep were burned so that they ran wild and ran rampant. Some of the rebels ambushed in the streets were killed by mad cattle directly, some were hit by cattle and sheep into corner hutongs and crowded into a group. Some people danced disorderly Knife and short sword, but where to resist the long knives and long guns waved by the officials from behind cattle and sheep, one by one fell to the ground.

The rebel archers on the roof were so frightened that their formation was chaotic and their bows and arrows fell off. Guo Jin urgently ordered the official archers to shoot arrows at the roof and overturn most of the rebels above. The remaining rebels fled in a hurry, either dead or injured.

He De also got an arrow in his leg. Seeing that there was no way to escape, he had to commit suicide.

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