Historical Story: Sitting on a Needle

Sitting on a needle’s blanket:Describing a disturbed and restless mind

Du Xi was the left minister of the Shang Shu during the Western Jin Dynasty. His father was the famous general Du Bei who led the army to destroy the state of Wu and end the three divisions of the world. He was very learned and straightforward, both of which were famous at that time.

Sima Yu, the son of Sima Yan, Emperor Wu of Jin, was the crown prince, and Sima Yu, the son of Sima Yan, was always loved by Sima Yan. Later, Sima succeeded to the throne, which was Emperor Hui of Jin. Du Xi was appointed as the crown prince’s middle servant. At that time, Sima Yu had been made the crown prince, and when he grew up, he did not cultivate virtue and was extravagant and brutal, and even set up a stall in the palace, cutting meat and selling wine and selling groceries just to make money. At the same time, he also believed in fortune-telling and witchcraft, which violated many taboos.

Du Xi had a straightforward character, so he often advised him with earnest words, which Sima Yu could not refuse. Du Xi thought that he was doing his duty, but Sima Yu hated Du Xi and felt that he was imposing restrictions on him.

Historical Story

Once, Sima Yu hid a needle in the felt cushion where Du Xi often sat, causing Du Xi’s foot to be cut and bleeding. After a few days, Sima Yu even made a point of asking Du Xi, “Did something happen before?” Du Xi held back and said, “I was drunk that day and didn’t know what happened.” Sima Yu suddenly chided him angrily, “You usually like to accuse others so much, why are you silent now?”

This means that Du Xi had good intentions and did not want to be indifferent to Sima and ignored his teasing, but Sima Yu did not relent, he wanted to teach Du Xi a lesson and save him from bothering himself again. The Prince was obviously unpopular and could not last long, and later the Queen Jia Nanfeng designed to frame him and killed him.

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