Historical Story: The lost national treasure of the Qing Dynasty

Plot 1: dandy

During the period of the Republic of China, there was a man named Zhang Wenyi in Yucheng. He was an outsider. More than 20 years ago, he opened a local silk and satin shop, which took root and gradually became a famous rich businessman in the city.In recent years, when he was old, he entrusted his business to a shopkeeper surnamed Li, and he lived a simple life.

Zhang Wenyi’s wife died early. There is an only son named Zhang Yuanshan under his knee. Because he is a middle-aged son, Zhang Wenyi dotes on him in every way.When Zhang Yuanshan was in his twenties, he was already a famous dandy in the city. He fought and caused trouble constantly. Zhang Wenyi didn’t know how much money he spent on him, but he never complained.With such a father, Zhang Yuanshan naturally became more and more unscrupulous.

Early that morning, Zhang Yuanshan came to his silk and satin shop and asked shopkeeper Li to give him a hundred dollars.Shopkeeper Li is not old, but he handles things steadily. When he heard that Zhang Yuanshan came to ask for money again, he couldn’t help asking, “young master, what do you want so much money for?” Zhang Yuanshan said with a smile: “tonight, Xi Cui, the shepherd of the garden flower building, is sitting in the court for the first time. I’m going to take the lead.”

Shopkeeper Li frowned, but he gave him a hundred dollars.When he left, shopkeeper Li went to Zhang Wenyi.

Historical Story: The lost national treasure of the Qing Dynasty

Zhang Wenyi listened to shopkeeper Li’s complaint and said carelessly, “didn’t I tell you earlier that he would give as much as he wanted.” shopkeeper Li said bitterly, “but he’s too good at tossing around. He just spent thousands of dollars to hold the opera some time ago, and now he’s actually going to Yuanhua building again.” Zhang Wenyi said disapprovingly:”Let him toss and how much he can toss. Don’t worry, I know.”

Girl Xi Cui, the shepherd of Yuanhua building, was born like a flower and was good at singing and dancing. She was sitting in the hall to receive guests for the first time. According to the practice of brothels, the procuress bid on the spot, and the one with the highest price won. That night, Yuanhua building was decorated, and the rich businessmen in the city gathered here. As soon as Xi Cui appeared, the bidding began one after another.

Finally, Wang Facai, the owner of Donghe antique shop, pressed the crowd with 50 oceans. Just as he was elated and wanted to come forward, Zhang Yuanshan, who had not spoken, shouted, “100 oceans.”

Suddenly, the whole audience was silent, and even Wang Facai was dumbfounded. Everyone was not frightened by the price, but everyone knew that Zhang Yuanshan was difficult to deal with, which spoiled his interest. He could talk to you endlessly. Besides, there was a famous father protecting calves behind him. Everyone came out to have fun. There was no need to make trouble for themselves.

Zhang Yuanshan saw that the people were restrained by himself. When he was proud, a voice sounded uninteresting: “now, no matter how much money is used.”

The crowd looked down at the voice and saw that the speaker was in his 60s. He was as thin as a withered bamboo. His clothes and decorations were different from those of the locals. It was estimated that he was a foreign businessman. They felt the same about his words. Now the Japanese occupied most of China. Hundreds of people fled into Yucheng every day. Prices soared. A month ago, a piece of ocean could buy 50 kilograms of rice, but now they can only buy 10 kilograms. ButHaving said that, money is still money after all. Zhang Yuanshan sneered and said, “old man, what are you going to use to argue with me?”

The old guest slowly took out a green jade bracelet from his arms. Wang Facai was an antique. His eyes were sharp and he cried out, “old pit grows water, good thing.”

Asked by the crowd, Wang Facai said, “Laokeng’s water is a pure green jade with uniform distribution, fine texture and good transparency. Look at this bracelet, it’s warm, crystal and full of aura. It’s obviously an old object. Although the transparency is a little worse, it’s easy to throw thousands of oceans.”

In the exclamation of the crowd, the old guest carelessly put the bracelet on Xicui’s snow-white and soft wrist. The crowd exclaimed again, darling, the old guy is so generous!

Seeing that the limelight was robbed, Zhang Yuanshan was angry and angry. He had lived for more than 20 years and had not lost such a person. The more he thought about it, the more he was oppressed. Didn’t the old guy have antiques? Didn’t he Zhangjia? When he thought about it, he thought of the objects in his father’s study.

Zhang Yuanshan once went to the study when he was a child. At that time, Zhang Wenyi was enjoying a small pink vase in the secret room of the study. He wanted to take it to play. Zhang Wenyi hurriedly said, “don’t move. This is an official kiln of the Northern Song Dynasty. It’s worth a lot of money.”Since then, Zhang Wenyi has made a rule for him that he is not allowed to walk near the study. This is the only rule in the family. Zhang Yuanshan dare not refuse, but now he can’t take care of it for the sake of face.

Zhang Yuanshan returned home just in time. Zhang Wenyi went out. He smoothly entered the study, found the mechanism and entered the secret room. Then he found that in the secret room, in addition to the official kiln bottle of the Northern Song Dynasty, there were more than ten things, including brochures, calligraphy and painting, and stove. He conveniently carried the official kiln bottle in his arms.

When he went out, Zhang Yuanshan almost collided with the housekeeper Fubo. He was a dry old man, not smiling. Zhang Yuanshan was a little afraid of him from childhood. Fubo asked him where he was in such a hurry. How dare he tell the truth, deal with it vaguely, and went straight to the Yuanhua building.

The old guest seemed to count that he was coming back. He was not surprised. He said, “young man, what’s the matter? If you don’t accept it, you should get back face?” Zhang Yuanshan put the porcelain bottle on the table and said proudly, “look, this official kiln bottle should be much more valuable than your broken bracelet.”

As soon as they saw that this was to fight treasure, they hurried forward to join the fun. The old guest looked at the porcelain vase up and down, suddenly laughed, turned to Wang Facai and said, “boss Wang, you are an expert. Come and teach the child.”

Wang Facai only glanced at it, but lost his smile and said, “if it were an official kiln in the Northern Song Dynasty, the cups and bowls we drink and eat are all official kilns. The official kiln in the Northern Song Dynasty is characterized by bright and elegant glaze, especially known for its large cracks on the glaze, with nail burning marks on the bottom and purple mouth and iron feet. Let’s look at this one, this tire, this workmanship… I’m afraid, this counterfeiter is also a second knife.”

The crowd roared with laughter. Zhang Yuanshan angrily picked up the bottle and was about to fall. The old guest held his hand and sneered, “everyone is drinking and having fun. What are you throwing a loud noise? You should throw it outside.”

Zhang Yuanshan’s face was purple. He stamped his feet, threw the bottle on the table, turned and left.

Plot 2: old stories

After all, it broke the rules of the family. Zhang Yuanshan was worried and took the initiative to talk about it to his father.

Zhang Wenyi didn’t blame him at all. He said, “I used to like antiques, but I didn’t know anything about them. I was cheated of a lot of money. I kept all those fake things just to warn myself to stop thinking about them.” Zhang Yuanshan said puzzled, “but I remember you told me when I was a child that those things were very valuable.” Zhang Wenyi couldn’t help laughing and said:”I really spent a lot of money when I bought it back!”

It turned out to be so. When Zhang Yuanshan was disappointed, he said, “Dad, I’ve lost a lot of face today. I can’t mix it until I get it back. Otherwise, if you give me money, I’ll buy it. I don’t believe that nothing in this big Yucheng is worth more than that broken Bracelet!”

Zhang Wenyi thumbed up and said, “I’m worthy of being my father’s good son. If I’m a man, I shouldn’t admit defeat.”With that, he took out a stack of silver tickets from his arms and gave them to him without counting. Zhang Yuanshan happily took the silver tickets and left. After he left, Zhang Wenyi’s smiling face suddenly solidified, his breath was short, and he seemed to be holding it back. Finally, he roared out of patience and suddenly overturned the table. Fu Bo shouted “master”, Zhang Wenyi said grimly, “Ah Fu, go and find out what the old guest came from.”

After dawn, Fu Bo came back and said that the old guest’s name was Liang Dong. He came from the capital and now lives in Yuanhua building. Zhang Wenyi sneered and said, “Liang Dong? No, he came to us. You call shopkeeper Li and we’ll discuss it together.”

Late that night, Wang Facai, who was sleeping, was patted awake. He opened his eyes vaguely and was frightened to find that there were three people standing by the bed! He was shocked, but as soon as he made a sound, his mouth was blocked by shopkeeper li of Zhangjia silk and satin villa. Then he saw Zhang Wenyi, who has always been kind to others, punching him in the stomach, and he woke up with pain.

Zhang Wenyi gasped and said, “Wang Facai, you cheated my real Northern Song Dynasty official kiln in a few words. Did you deceive me and can’t cure you, or do you believe that the old guest can protect you?”

Wang Facai repeatedly begged for mercy and said, “boss Zhang, that bottle is really fake…” before he finished, Fubo came forward and beat him a few times, sneered and said, “when there were five of our brothers, only two survived for these things, don’t we know whether it is true or false?”

Wang Facai’s heart “clattered” and dared not tell the truth. He begged: “let me tell the truth. The old guest asked me to say what Laokeng jadeite and what official kiln fakes are. I blame me for being greedy for money… I don’t know what resentment you have between you and don’t want to know. Please let me go!”

Zhang Wenyi smiled and said, “you don’t want to know. I just want you to know, so that you can understand when you die.”

In those days, Zhang Wenyi, also known as xiaoyizi, was a small Eunuch in the treasure Pavilion in the palace. Seeing that the Qing Dynasty was dying, he set fire to the palace one night after plotting with five small eunuchs such as Ah Fu, stole a batch of valuable treasures from the treasure Pavilion, covered each other, and sent the treasures out of the palace overnight.

When the palace was stolen, the bodyguard in charge of the guard was implicated and beheaded more than a dozen, including the brother of the commander Hu Tiecheng. Hu Tiecheng vowed to find out the case. After some investigation, he finally arrested Zhang Wenyi and other five people. They should not die. Just when Hu Tiecheng was ready to press them about the whereabouts of their treasures, the Qing Dynasty suddenly disappeared, and the imperial court was in chaos. They were killedHu Tiecheng became angry and chased and killed all the way. Finally, except Zhang Wenyi and Ah Fu, the other three were killed by him.

Zhang Wenyi and Ah Fu knew very well that Hu Tiecheng would not let them go, so they went to Yucheng City in secret. Indeed, more than 20 years later, Hu Tiecheng had not let them go. From Hu Tiecheng, he used the emerald jade bracelet to stir up the heart of Zhang Yuan Shan, thus making the Northern Song Dynasty official kiln bottle appear, and then locking his identity to judge that he should have gone to Yucheng and secretly investigated them for a long time.

After hearing these words, Wang Facai knew that he would die. At this time, he was not afraid and asked, “what’s the matter with Zhang Yuanshan? You’re just a eunuch.” Zhang Wenyi sneered:”He is a chess piece that I have raised for more than 20 years. I spent so much money on him in order to let him enjoy his glory and wealth in advance. When I want him to die, he won’t hate me.”

After that, shopkeeper Li came forward and raised his knife

Plot 3: feeling confused

Zhang Yuanshan happily appeared in front of the old guest with a real Qianlong pastel bowl. This time, the old guest didn’t laugh at him, but made tea for him, called himself Hu Tiecheng, and said gently, “young man, you don’t seem to know who you are.”

Zhang Yuanshan was stunned and said, “are you kidding? If you don’t ask, who else in Yu city doesn’t know Zhang Yuanshan, the young master of Zhang Jia.” Hu Tiecheng shook his head and said, “that’s just your superficial identity. It’s not your fault, because Zhang Wenyi hid your life experience and he cheated you for more than 20 years.”

Zhang Yuanshan laughed and said, “you old man can’t afford to lose. You actually want to provoke my relationship with my father! I tell you, everyone in the world may cheat me, but he will never.” Hu Tiecheng said compassionately:”Although you are unruly, you are not a fool. Think about it carefully. Have you seen your mother? Even if she died long ago, have you seen her relics? No way, because there is no trace of women in your family.”

Zhang Yuanshan was shocked. How could he know about it?

“In addition, he is obedient to you and has what you want. Why has he never taught you how to distinguish right from wrong and how to live in the world? He just lets your temperament go around? That’s because he’s not raising a son, but a dog without thinking.”

Zhang Yuanshan was furious, patted the table and shouted, “nonsense, you madman!” then he turned and left. Hu Tiecheng said behind him, “think about what I said when you go back. If you don’t understand, come back to me.”

Zhang Yuanshan was so upset that he hurried home to ask Zhang Wenyi. When he passed Wang Facai’s antique shop, he was surprised to see the bodies of five members of Wang Facai’s family being carried out by the police. For some reason, he vaguely felt that it had something to do with himself.

Back home, Zhang Yuanshan saw in the living room, in addition to Zhang Wenyi and Fubo, there was shopkeeper Li and a middle-aged man dressed in a dress. Zhang Yuanshan had seen this man at home several times and knew that he was a Chinese British comprador named Mark.

They were talking about something, but they all kept silent when they saw him coming back. Zhang Wenyi coughed, took out a stack of silver tickets and said, “Yuanshan, we’re talking about business. Go and play by yourself.” Zhang Yuanshan was confused, but pretended to be happy and took the money out. Then he came to the backyard, climbed over the wall, went all the way to the back hall of the living room and listened quietly.

Just listen to Zhang Wenyi inside, “Ah Fu, have you gone far away?” Fu Bo replied, “I saw him go far with my own eyes and came back.”

Zhang Wenyi said, “that’s good. Mark, we can continue our business. You know, one of these treasures is sold less, so the price will rise again this time.” Mark said discontentedly:”Mr. Zhang, I asked you to give me everything very early. I’ll give you a sky high price, but you just want to sell it one by one. As a result, I’ve been hanging in this place for more than ten years. Is my time of more than ten years worthless?”

“You take the goods from me and sell them at a high price in Britain. The price difference should be enough to make up for your more than ten years. Mark, we are all understanding people. We don’t say these empty goods. The goods are still delivered one by one. When I need you, I will naturally inform you. If you can’t accept the price, I can only find someone else.”

Mark was worried and said, “no, no, no, I can accept it. Then let me see the goods first.”

Zhang Yuanshan poked out half his head and saw Zhang Wenyi put a small copper stove on the table. He recognized that it was a collection in the secret room of the study. Markton’s eyes glowed and tut tut said, “Xuande stove, good thing! Mr. Zhang, I’m curious how many such treasures you still have?” Zhang Wenyi laughed and said, “it’s enough for you to stay in Yucheng for more than ten years.”

Zhang Yuanshan knew what they were doing. But how could his father do antique business? Didn’t he say he didn’t understand this business? Also, was the Northern Song Dynasty official kiln bottle he stole true? What was true and what was false? Hu Tiecheng seemed to have expected that Zhang Yuanshan would come to him again. After asking him to sit down, he said:”If you want to know what happened in those years, you must first believe that Zhang Wenyi is not a good man.” Zhang Yuanshan was upset and said angrily, “I am not a child and can judge by myself.”

So Hu Tiecheng told the story one by one and said, “Zhang Wenyi could not have a son. You are his adopted son, and your biological father actually died in his hands.”

Plot 4: the machine is exhausted

After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Hu Tiecheng lost his official position, but in order to avenge his brother and brothers, he has been tracking down the whereabouts of Zhang Wenyi and other five people. Zhang Wenyi has no way to escape. In order to escape and swallow the treasures alone, he killed the other three people together with Ah Fu, killed two small eunuchs returning home, smashed their faces and forged the illusion that the five people were robbed and killed by bandits.This move is really vicious and deceived Hu Tiecheng.

“The net of heaven is magnificent. Until half a year ago, I happened to pass by the hometown of one of the five associates named Rengui. I knew that Rengui had a son and went to be a eunuch. Shortly after Rengui died, his son was also picked up. When I asked Rengui’s family, I learned that the people who picked up the child were Zhang Wenyi and Ah Fu who had already died.”

Hu Tiecheng knew that he had been caught in the plot, so he began to investigate again. The case had been dusty for so many years, and he could hardly start. Fortunately, one of his former apprentices worked at the customs. He accidentally learned a clue that mark, a Chinese British, had been arrested for smuggling national treasures out of the country. Although he managed to escape, the case file was retained. Hu Tiecheng checked the case file and found that the national treasure wasOne of the treasures stolen from the Qing palace, so he followed Mark’s line to Yucheng.

“Over the years, the looks of Zhang Wenyi and Ah Fu have changed. If I can’t find those treasures, I can’t prove their identity. Therefore, I asked Wang Facai to play a play for me and encourage you to take out the official kiln bottle of the Northern Song Dynasty… It’s really genuine and one of the stolen national treasures. Therefore, I can be sure that they are the people I’m looking for.”

Zhang Yuanshan was overwhelmed and speechless.

“Yes, you are Rengui’s son, and Zhang Wenyi’s real son is actually manager Li of the silk and satin shop. He is the son of Zhang Wenyi’s younger brother and is a descendant.” Hu Tiecheng seems to see through everything with his old eyes,”Shopkeeper Li is smart and capable, a hundred times better than you. Now, you must be very strange. Why does Zhang Wenyi want you to eat, drink, whore and gamble, but strictly discipline his real son? To be honest, I don’t understand, but I’m sure he can’t raise you for so many years in vain.”

Zhang Yuanshan didn’t know how to get out of Hu Tiecheng’s room. He had never been so helpless. He called his father for more than 20 years, but he was the enemy who killed his own father?!

When he got home, Zhang Yuanshan was surprised to find that Zhang Wenyi and Fu Bo were looking very flustered. Moreover, they were both playing with an exquisite pistol. After seeing Zhang Yuanshan, Zhang Wenyi only nodded slightly and waved his hand to let him leave. After Zhang Yuanshan retreated, he repeated his old trick and slipped back to the back hall to eavesdrop.

I only heard Zhang Wenyi say, “we were careless. I never expected that Hu Tiecheng would use such a move.” Fubo said coldly, “when you adopted that wild species, wasn’t it for this day?” Zhang Wenyi sighed and said, “that’s all, but I don’t have the heart. If it weren’t for Mark’s accident…”

After listening for a while, Zhang Yuanshan realized that mark had not left the city with the Xuande stove before he was reported by Hu Tiecheng, and the police found the national treasure on mark. Originally, the police station could not think of the old case of the theft of the Qing palace, but Hu Tiecheng obstructed it. The chief of police was more serious and detained mark for interrogation.

Zhang Wenyi had been preparing for such an unexpected situation for a long time and discussed with mark the countermeasures. Mark insisted that Zhang Yuanshan stole it and sold it to him according to their agreement. Zhang Yuanshan is a famous dandy and it is reasonable to steal treasures. Next, the police will confront him, so he must die.

Zhang Yuanshan seems to have fallen into a hole in the ice and his whole body is cold. Until now, he knows that Zhang Wenyi is indeed raising him like a dog. His only purpose in life is to take the blame. He can’t regret the evil deeds he did under Zhang Wenyi’s connivance in the past.

At this time, the sound of bullets loading came from the outside, followed by Fubo’s footsteps. Zhang Yuanshan calmed down and picked up a square stool. Fubo had just entered the back hall. Before he could react, his head was smashed open. Zhang Wenyi heard the news and stood up excitedly. Zhang Yuanshan instinctively picked up Fubo’s pistol and fired at Zhang Wenyi.

Zhang Wenyi was shot several times and didn’t die immediately. He smiled bitterly and said, “I raised you to eliminate the disaster for me, but I didn’t expect you to become my urging ghost.” Zhang Yuanshan was furious and shouted, “Zhang Wenyi, I’m avenging my father Rengui!”

Zhang Wenyi was stunned and said, “when Rengui went into the palace at the age of eight, where would he have a son? You are an orphan I picked up on the roadside. Only God knows who your parents are.”

If Zhang Yuanshan was struck by lightning, he immediately stayed there.

“You must have listened to Hu Tiecheng’s words, but haven’t you thought about why he hasn’t let me go for more than 20 years?” Zhang Wenyi smiled, as if laughing at him and himself. “Those babies can make anyone crazy!”

That night, Hu Tiecheng came to Zhangjia, saw Zhang Wenyi and Fubo lying on the ground, smiled contemptuously, and then went straight to the study. After careful search, the entrance of the secret room appeared in front of him. He went in, but was stunned to find that it was empty. There was only a note on it that said: the machine is done, empty hands. Regret is beyond reach, or it can be made up. The signature is Zhang YuanMountain.

Hu Tiecheng stood for a long time, suddenly a trombone sounded, spewed out a mouthful of blood, and the man fell straight to the ground like a wood.

Soon, the police found out the truth about the murder of Wang Facai. Shopkeeper Li was arrested, the silk and satin shop was closed, and the police chief became rich overnight. Zhang Yuanshan, like disappearing out of thin air, never appeared in Yucheng again.

Many years later, new China was awash in waste. The Palace Museum collected and sorted out scattered cultural relics. Unexpectedly, it received a batch of 11 national treasures lost in the palace donated by an unknown celebrity free of charge, of which six were identified as national first-class cultural relics.

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