Historical Story: The story of a sudden rise

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, Qin II was obscene, and the people all over the world complained. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang took the lead in rising, and all localities responded one after another.

The story of a sudden rise

At this time, there was a jailer named Chen Ying in Dongyang county. He had always had great prestige in the county, and the people of Dongyang respected him very much. Seeing the surging tide of national uprisings, young people in Dongyang county also killed Dongyang county magistrate, gathered thousands of people and announced the uprising. They unanimously asked Chen Ying to be their leader. The people in the county heard that Chen Ying was the leader of the rebel army and came to join the army one after another. In a short time, the rebel army in Dongyang grew to more than 20000 people. The young people in Dongyang want to support Chen Ying as king and set up a unique school; All soldiers wrapped their heads in blue turbans to show that they are a new and different army. However, Chen Ying’s mother said to Chen Ying, “when I married to the Chen family, I never heard that your ancestors were very expensive. It’s not a good sign that you are so famous all of a sudden. You might as well lead the people to obey someone. If the uprising is successful in the future, you can also be granted marquis. In case the uprising fails; And no one will blame you. ” Therefore, Chen Ying did not dare to be king. He said to his subordinates, “Xiang Liang is the son of Xiang Yan, the general of Chu. He is very famous. It must be the Xiang family who will lead the troops to destroy the state of Qin in the future. I decided to lead my troops to him. ” At this time, Xiang Liang led his troops across the river, and Chen Ying obeyed Xiang Liang.

The sudden emergence of a new force means that a new force suddenly appears.

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