Historical Story: The story of birds of a feather

In the Han Dynasty, there was a famous man named Yang Wan. His father was Yang Chang, the Prime Minister of emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty, and his mother was the daughter of Sima Qian, a human historian. He has been well bred since he was a child and became a celebrity in the current Dynasty when he was a minor. When Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty, general Huo Guang conspired against him, and Yang Wei first reported to Emperor Xuan.

The story of birds of a feather

Later, he was sealed as a Duke of Pingtong. At that time, the people who were Lang officials in the court of the court were very popular in bribery. The rich people could bribe with money and often had fun outside; People who have no money to pay bribes don’t even have a day off in a year. After Yang Wei became Zhongshan Lang, he got rid of all these disadvantages, and Manchu officials praised his integrity.

However, due to his success and credit in his youth, he was arrogant and complacent. As a result, he had an opinion with his servant Changrong (Changrong is an old friend of Emperor Xuan and is most trusted).

On one occasion, Yang Wei heard that the Hun’s leader Shan Yu had been killed when he was sent to the Han Dynasty by the Huns. Yang Wei said, “when he met such a bad king, his ministers gave him a good strategy for governing the country instead of using it, so that he confessed to his life. Just like the kings of the Qin Dynasty, he trusted villains and killed loyal ministers. As a result, the country died. If this had not been the case in the Qin Dynasty, the country might still exist today. From ancient times to the present, kings trust villains. They are really like raccoons produced in the same hill. There is no difference! ” In this way, Yang Wei was dismissed.

The meaning of birds of a feather is that they are ugly to each other, and there is no difference.

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