Historical Story: The story of breaking the boat

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, people everywhere held an uprising against the tyrannical rule of the Qin Dynasty. The most famous leaders of the peasant uprising are Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, followed by Xiang Yu and Liu Bang. Next, tell a story about Xiang Yu.

One year, 300000 people of the state of Qin surrounded the giant deer of the state of Zhao. King Zhao asked King Huai of Chu for help overnight. King Huai of Chu sent Song Yi as the top general and Xiang Yu as the second general, leading 200000 people to save the state of Zhao. Who knows, Song Yi heard that the Qin army was powerful and stopped halfway. There was no food in the army. The soldiers cooked vegetables and miscellaneous beans for dinner. He didn’t care. He just held a banquet and ate and drank. This will blow Xiang Yu’s lungs. He killed Song Yi, became a “fake general” and took his troops to save the state of Zhao.

Chinese Historical Story

Xiang Yu first sent an army to cut off the road of grain transportation for the Qin army; He personally led the main force across the Zhanghe River to save the giant deer.

After all the Chu troops crossed the Zhanghe River, Xiang Yu let the soldiers have a full meal, each with dry food for another three days, and then issued an order: chisel the boat crossing the river (called boat in ancient times) into the river, smash the cooking pot (called kettle in ancient times), set the nearby houses on fire and burn them all. This is called breaking the boat. Xiang Yu used this method to show his determination to advance and win.

Seeing the commander’s determination, the Chu soldiers didn’t intend to go back alive. Under the personal command of Xiang Yu, they rushed to the Qin army with one for ten and ten for a hundred. After nine consecutive charges, they defeated the Qin army. Some of the main generals of the Qin army were killed, some became prisoners, and some surrendered. This battle not only solved the siege of the giant deer, but also made the Qin army unable to cheer up. In two years, the Qin Dynasty will perish.

After that, Xiang Yu became a real general, many other armies were under his command, and his reputation spread all over the world.

Breaking the boat means: it means making up your mind to go to the end regardless of everything.

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