Historical Story: The story of defying the law

In the Western Han Dynasty, Gaoyang produced an honest official named Wang Zun. Wang Zun’s father died when he was a child and was raised by his uncle. Uncle’s family is relatively poor. Wang Zun drives sheep to the wild every day. The child likes reading best. He always brings some books to read when grazing.

The story of defying the law

Gradually, he respected the officials who enforced the law impartially mentioned in the book and hoped that he would become such a figure in the future. One day he begged his uncle to find a job for him in the county prison. At this time, Wang Zun was only 13 years old. His uncle was surprised and said, “you are still a child and don’t understand the criminal law. How can you work in prison?” Yu Zun said, “I have seen a lot from books. Don’t you just learn more from the warden later? ” Uncle Wang Zun couldn’t stand his repeated requests, so he prepared a gift and asked someone to intercede with the warden. The warden called Wang Zun as a servant.

Wang Zun worked as a servant for several years. He was often exposed to prison affairs and made rapid progress. Once he went with the warden to the prefect’s house to work. When he was favored by the prefect, he left him in the house to do paperwork. A few years later, Wang Zun resigned his post to study Ru family classics, and then was appointed. Due to his strict law enforcement and gradual promotion, he became a county magistrate and later promoted to the grand guard of Anding county. At that time, the officialdom of Anding county was very chaotic, and some officials used their power to bully the people. When Wang Zunyi arrived there, he immediately rectified the administration of officials and told all officials in the county to be loyal to their duties, set an example for their subordinates.

The law is ruthless. Don’t try the law with your own body. There was an officer in the county who was cruel and ruthless. He ransacked a lot of people’s fat and ointment. The people were very angry. After the notice was posted, he didn’t repent, so Wang Zun arrested him. The corrupt official fell ill and died within a few days after he was jailed. Then, Wang Zun punished a number of heroes who committed serious crimes and did not repent. In this way, Anding county began to be peaceful.

To defy the law by example means to try to do something that violates the law by yourself.

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