Historical Story: The story of Sun Shan

During the Song Dynasty, there was a talented man named Sun Shan, who was not only humorous but also good at telling jokes, so people in his neighborhood gave him the nickname of “the funny man”.

Once, he and a fellow countryman’s son went to the capital together to take the examination for the imperial examinations.

When the list was released, Sun Shan’s name was listed at the bottom of the list, but it was on the list, while the son of the fellow villager who went with him did not pass the exam.

Soon, Sun Shan first returned home, the fellow villagers came to ask him whether his son had taken the examination. He was embarrassed to say so, but he could not hide it, so he read out two lines of poetry that were not poetic.

“The best part of the Jieyuan is the Sun Mountain, but the son is outside the Sun Mountain.”

Jieyuan is the first place in the imperial examination system in China. The so-called “Xieyuan” in Sun Shan’s poem is a general reference to the general examination candidates. The whole meaning of his poem is.

 The story of Sun Shan

“I, Sun Shan, am the last one on the list of candidates, but your son’s name is still behind mine.”

From then on, people called it “the name of Sunshan” when he was not admitted to a school or examination.

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