Historical Story: The story of the dragnet

Beside King Ping of Chu, there was a man named Fei Wuji who was good at flattering horses. Once, he was ordered to go to the state of Qin to welcome the bride to Prince Hua Jian. Seeing that the bride was very beautiful, he urged King Ping to keep her as his concubine. The mediocre and lecherous Pingwang did it. When it spread, it became a big scandal.

The story of the dragnet

Wu she, the teacher of Prince Hua Jian, is an upright minister. Fei Wuji’s uncle helped the prince punish himself in the future, so he encouraged King Ping to lure and kill him and his eldest son. This was not enough. Fei Wuji encouraged King Ping to send Prince Hua Jian to Chengwen to guard the border. Later, still worried, he sent someone to kill him.

Childe Hua Jian got the wind and ran away overnight. Knowing that Wu she’s second son, member Wu, was guarding in Fancheng Town, he rushed there and told his father and brother about the killing, and said that Fei Wuji had sent his son Fei Dexiong to Fancheng to deceive you back and kill him.

Hearing the news, the staff scolded Fei Wuji for being cruel and unreasonable, and decided to take appropriate measures to deal with Fei Dexiong.

After a few days, Fei Dexiong really came to Fancheng. After seeing the soldiers, he lied that King Ping wanted to pay more rewards because the soldiers had repeatedly made war achievements. He asked the soldiers to set off immediately to return to the Dynasty and accept the reward.

The staff member deliberately asked:

“I haven’t returned to Korea for half a year. I don’t know if my father and brother are in good health?”

Fei Dexiong pretended and said, “your five families are good and prosperous. Which one can match!”

The staff was furious and grabbed Fei Dexiong’s skirt,

Denounced: “you bad guys killed my family and were shameless. He said my five families are prosperous!”

Fei Dexiong thought it impossible for the staff member to know the details of the incident, so he asked the staff member to give a witness. The staff member was angry and said to him, “if childe Hua Jian hadn’t come here to explain the inside story and reveal the lies of you villain, I would have been almost cheated into a snare by you!” Fei Dexiong has nothing to say. The staff beat him up and left.

Later, he came to the state of Wu and dressed up as a beggar. He played and sang in the busy market. Finally, he was invited by the king of Wu to become a doctor of the state of Wu, which prompted the state of Wu to defeat the state of Chu and avenge his father and brother.

It is a metaphor for the tight encirclement of the enemy, fugitives, etc.

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