Historical Story: The story of the rising star

From Song-Liu Yiqing’s The New Story of Rewarding Honor

Fan Yuzhang said to Wang Jingzhou, “Qing has a great reputation, he is really an up-and-coming talent.”

Interpretation “Xiu”, meaning excellent, means the outstanding person among the later generation. This idiom is also called “the up-and-coming show”.

The story of the rising star

Story In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Chen (chen) showed his talent when he was young and was highly respected by his friends and relatives. His uncle Fan Ning, a famous scribe at that time, also valued Wang Chen, and when famous scribes visited him, he always let Wang Chen be there to receive them. Once, when Wang Chen went to visit his uncle, he met Zhang Xuan, who was famous before him. The uncle asked them to talk to each other.

Zhang Xuan had heard about Wang Chen’s great interest and wanted to talk with him. He was older than Wang Chen, so he naturally wanted Wang Chen to greet him first, so he sat upright and waited. But Wang Chen saw Zhang Xuan’s appearance and didn’t like it. He also sat in silence and did not say a word.

Zhang Xuan saw him like this, and he could not put up a show, so he sat down for a while and left unhappily. Afterwards, Fan Ning scolded Wang Chen and said, “Zhang Xuan is an outstanding talent in Wu, why don’t you talk to him properly?” Wang Chen replied arrogantly, “If he really wanted to deal with me, he could have come to me to talk.” Hearing this, Fan Ning praised his nephew instead: “You are so elegant and handsome, you are really an excellent talent later.” “Yu Chen replied with a smile, “Without an uncle like you, how could a nephew like me come?”

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