Historical Story: Three chapter story

In 206 BC, Liu Bang led his army into Guanzhong and reached Bashang, which was only a few dozen miles away from Xianyang, the capital of Qin. Ziying surrendered to Liu Bang after only 46 days as king of Qin. After entering Xianyang, Liu Bang wanted to live in a luxurious palace, but his confidants fan Kuai and Zhang Liang warned him not to do so, so as not to lose people’s hearts.

Three chapter story

Liu Bang accepted their opinions, ordered the closure of the palace, and left a few soldiers to protect the palace and the warehouse with a large amount of treasure, and then returned it to the military tyrant. In order to win the support of the people, Liu Bang summoned the elders and heroes of all counties in Guanzhong and solemnly announced to them: “the severe punishment and harsh laws of the Qin Dynasty have harmed everyone and should be abolished. Now I agree with you that no matter who you are, you should abide by three laws. These three are: the murderer should be executed, the wounded should plead guilty, and the thief should also be convicted! ” The elders and heroes all expressed their support for the three chapters of the constitution. Then, Liu Bang sent a large number of personnel to various counties and townships to publicize the three rules. After hearing this, the people warmly supported Liu Bang and took cattle, sheep, wine and food to comfort Liu Bang’s army.

Due to the resolute implementation of the three chapters of the constitution, Liu Bang won the trust, support and support of the people. Finally, he won the world and established the Western Han Dynasty.

The meaning of the third chapter of the covenant is: it originally refers to the conclusion of laws and the people’s agreement to abide by them. The latter generally refers to the conclusion of simple terms.

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