Historical story: “useful” and “useless”

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, there were years of war, and all kinds of materials were scarce, especially horses. It is said that even the emperor couldn’t get four horses of the same color when he went out, which made the Xiongnu people in groups of horses laugh at him for many years.

That day, a man didn’t know where to get a thousand mile horse. He was very handsome. So he took the horse to the gate of the palace and wanted to dedicate it to Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty.

When Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty heard about it, he took all the civil and military officials out to see the horses. Civil and military officials have said that only today’s emperor is worthy of this horse. Amid the endless flattery, Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty said slowly, “when I go out on horseback, there is an honor guard in front of me and a guard behind me. I can walk up to 50 miles a day. What’s the use of riding such a thousand mile horse? Do you want me to run alone in front?”

As soon as Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty said these words, all civil and military officials immediately quieted down. Perhaps some people will regret – after all, it is a rare horse! But the reality is, no matter how good things are, you can’t use them. What’s the point? Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty understood this truth, and the later “rule of Wen Jing” became logical.

A thousand years later, in the early Song Dynasty, the same thing happened.

At that time, a man got a precious mirror, which is said to shine 200 miles. With a baby, we should naturally maximize its interests. Together, the most powerful person in the world today is prime minister LV MENGZHENG. The emperor has everything in his family and doesn’t care about this mirror. Give it to Prime Minister Lv.

Out of curiosity, LV Meng asked the man to come in. As soon as the man saw the play, he quickly presented his precious mirror hands to Prime Minister LV da. LV MENGZHENG looked at the mirror for a long time and returned it to the man.

Historical story

The man was stunned and carefully asked how the mirror was. LV MENGZHENG said, “good is good, but I can’t use it!”

The man hurriedly asked why. LV MENGZHENG laughed and said, “my face is only as big as a plate. Where can I use a mirror of two hundred miles?”

The man was not reconciled and said, “even if I can’t use it, it’s better to put it at home!” Lv MENGZHENG smiled faintly and said: “I have no surplus money since I was a child. Now I’m an official with clean hands, which makes me form the habit of only buying things that can be used. No matter how good things can not be used, it has nothing to do with me.”

Decades later, the same thing was performed again on another famous Prime Minister Wang Anshi of the Northern Song Dynasty.

That day, a local official mysteriously walked into Wang Anshi’s office. Wang Anshi was busy correcting official documents. After a while, the ink in the inkstone dried up. Wang Anshi was just about to add some water. The local official suddenly came up and said, “it’s troublesome for adults to add water to the inkstone because they are so busy. If there is an inkstone that doesn’t need to add water, it’s more convenient to automatically water out in one breath!”

Wang Anshi said with a smile, “how can there be such an inkstone in the world?”

The local official quickly took out an inkstone from his pocket and said, “Sir, this is the Fang Baoyan.” then he opened his mouth and ha for a while. Sure enough, water slowly seeped from the inkstone.

Wang Anshi went out and brought in a bucket of water from the outside. He asked him, “how much do you say this bucket of water is worth?”

The local official said, “how much is a bucket of water worth?”

Wang Anshi said, “yes, even if the inkstone can produce a load of water, how much can it be worth?

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