Historical Story: Lu Ban Wisely Supports the Leaning Pagoda

According to legend, Lu Ban was the smartest and most capable craftsman in ancient China. His original name was Gonglu Ban, because he was a native of the state of Lu at the end of Spring and Autumn Period, and Luban became the name of later generations for him.

Once he came to the city of Gusu in the State of Wu, a paradise on earth, which really lived up to its name. The buildings and towers in the ancient city were arranged one after another, and the teahouses and restaurants were bustling with activity. Lupin’s excitement increased, and he was fascinated by the characteristics of Suzhou’s architecture. Suddenly a noisy noise came. Luban looked at the sound and saw a new pagoda standing tall in front of an open field with green grass. A group of people were gathered in front of the pagoda, making a lot of noise, not knowing what to do. He slowly walked over, set aside the onlookers, saw an old man dressed in silk, wearing a high crown, the waist tied incense bag is angry, blue veins bloom, jaws vertical eyebrows, the momentum of a bull. Opposite the old man squatting a middle-aged man, hands on his head, a look of despondency. Lupin so strange, an inquiry to know the truth of the matter.

Historical Story

The old man is a local famous rich man, for good deeds, ready to build a pagoda, passed down to the ages.

This project was undertaken by the craftsman. Transport wood up to build, careful planning, after nearly three years of hard work, the pagoda finally completed. But I don’t know how, although the pagoda is completed, but regardless of the horizontal view, or vertical view, always tilted. After measurement, the pagoda is indeed tilted nearly ten degrees. People shake their heads to look at this, pointing to discuss. The rich man thought that the construction of the pagoda against criticism, very angry, but also undermined his merit and success, therefore, personally find the craftsmen to settle accounts: either knock down and rebuild, or the pagoda to right, otherwise, to send the government to do strictly.

This can be difficult for the craftsman, if you want to knock down and rebuild, they are selling their children, selling their families can not bear the economic pressure; if the tower to support, it can not do, because the pagoda, despite being wooden, but still have about a million pounds, can only look at the tower sigh!

Luban looked around the pagoda carefully, and looked at the artisan who was at a loss, went over to comfort: “You do not hurry, as long as you find me some wood to, I will not take a month to put it right!

When the craftsman heard this, he was half convinced, but there was no other way. So he carried the wood and waited with a glimmer of hope. And Luban, he did not let anyone intervene to help, will carry the wood cut into many small beveled wood wedge, piece by piece from the top of the tower tilt side to knock, so that the tilt side slowly raised. This ping pong, early and dark for a month, the pagoda really upright up.

The craftsman gratefully asked the Luban: “Sir, you so remedy why can make the pagoda upright?”

Lupin replied: “Because the tower is wooden, is wearing bucket structure, the pull between the parts is relatively strong, can form an organic whole, so you can use the method of playing wooden wedge to support the right. And the wooden wedge is beveled, both easier to play in, with ‘four two dial a thousand jin’ role, play into the tower and can raise the height of the tilt surface, so that the tower no longer tilt.”

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