Historical Story: The story of two lazy men

It is said that there was a lazy village in China. The old and young people in the village were very lazy. The laziest person in the village was Liu Damao. He had an uncle who lived in the nearby hardworking village. One day he decided to go to his uncle. His uncle warmly received him, but over time, his uncle hated him a little.

Because the man was too lazy to do anything, his uncle couldn’t bear it. He drove him out of the house and brought him three big cakes when he left.

“Where are you going?”

The story of two lazy men

The lazy man didn’t know where to go, so he hung the package with three big cakes around his neck and walked aimlessly and carelessly.

But walking, I was hungry.

“Ah, I’m so hungry. I really want to eat big cakes, but it’s too troublesome to take them out!”

What a rare lazy man, he endured hunger for it.

“Why didn’t anyone come? If anyone came, ask him to help untie the package.”

He thought as he walked. At this time, a man with a hat and a big mouth came from the opposite side.

“Hey, hey, did he open his mouth so wide because he was hungry?”

He thought so, when he came over.

“Hey, can you untie the package hanging around my neck for me? There are three big cakes in it. How about one for you? ”

So the man replied, “what are you talking about, my brother? I’m really worried that the rope of the hat is loose and it’s so troublesome to tie it up, so I open my mouth so that my chin can tighten the rope!”

Later, one of the two lazy men starved to death, and the other was tired because his mouth was too open.

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