Historical story:The luckiest generals of the three countries

During the Three Kingdoms period, many famous generals were recorded in history. However, some people were strong, such as Lv Bu and Guan Yu. However, some people were not strong. They not only failed to win, but even were killed. However, although he did not win, he killed enemy generals several times. It is difficult to be regarded as a “waste wood” general. Instead, he can be said to be “lucky“. This man is Huang Zu under Liu Biao.

The luckiest generals of the three countries

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo was disorderly in politics. After Sun Jian led his troops to Luoyang, he found the imperial seal, and then hurried back to Soochow. Unexpectedly, he was intercepted by Yuan Shu and Liu Biao on the way, so Sun Jian fought head-on with Huang Zu and continued to run after successfully defeating each other. However, Huang Zu didn’t give up, led his troops to catch up with him and killed Sun Jian. Since then, Huang Zu became a Liang son with Soochow.

A few years later, sun CE and local princes attacked Yuan Shu in turn, and Yuan Shu had to commit suicide. Later, on his way back to Soochow, sun CE saw Liu Xun on the way. Liu Xun knew he was invincible, so he had to ask Huang Zu for help, but he was defeated by sun CE. Later, sun CE was hit and killed by the arrows shot by Huang Zu’s men. In this way, Huang Zu killed the ruler of Soochow again.

Because the two rulers of Soochow died in Huang Zu’s hands, Sun Quan devoted the whole country to trying to take Huang Zu’s life. Unexpectedly, Huang Zu not only didn’t die, but also killed many Soochow generals. Sun Quan didn’t execute Huang Zu until the 13th year of Jian’an. Although Huang Zu is an ordinary person, when it comes to luck, no one in the three countries should be as lucky as him.

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