The story of Zhang Guo riding a donkey

The autumn wind brought cool. The old urchin tie Guai Li and the little urchin LAN Caihe went all the way to a county. Shabby in dress and a gown, he was dragging a ragged old farmer to his door. “Hello, old man,” he said. “I’ll give you a life and a disaster, and you will give this money to you.”

Old Zhang Guo, who rode a donkey upside down, “fortune teller, please do me a favor. I still need to fill the medicine with the little money left in my pocket! Please let me go home! My old lady is still waiting for me to go back and make medicine for her! ” The old farmer begged bitterly.

“Well, take out all the money for medicine, and I’ll let you go back!” The fortune teller stared at the fierce mouse eyes and didn’t let go.

The story of Zhang Guo riding a donkey

“Let go! how much is it? I’ll pay for him! ” Young and vigorous lancaihe couldn’t see it anymore. He threw a string of copper coins behind him with a “bang”. As soon as the fortune teller’s eyes lit up, he let go of the old farmer’s hand and was about to pick up the money. Suddenly, he blinked again, tilted his head and said, “little brother, is this enough money to break the disaster? I am one of the best fortune tellers in the county. Even the county officials think highly of me. Since you want to do good, take more money out, and I’ll let the old thing go! ” Tie Guai Li knew that Lan Caihe had the money. He stared at the big eyes of the copper bell, swung the iron bar in his hand and shouted, “fortune teller, don’t give you face, no, I won’t beat you!”

“Wait a minute! Fortune teller, how much do you want? I’ll give it all! ” The hustle and bustle of the crowd was silenced by the muffled sound. The crowd looked back: Oh, where is an old man with snow-white eyebrows, snow-white hair, a long snow-white beard on his chin and a white donkey? He said he would give him all the money he wanted! The fortune teller looked up and laughed. He thought it was strange that he should meet such a boastful old madman today. Then don’t blame me. The lion asked him for fifty strings of copper coins. See how he ended! Besides, his little donkey looks very good.

“Well, at your age, I’ll let you go immediately if you give me fifty strings of oceans! Otherwise, leave your little donkey for me! ” The onlookers were shocked: the fortune teller is too greedy! Alas, the old man with white beard can boast too much. He is poor. He doesn’t take a sedan chair or ride a horse. He only leads a little white donkey. Where can he get so much money?

“I said, old man, what are you doing with this fortune teller? Or see how I deal with him! ” Iron abducted plum patted his chest, but he still had to use an iron bar to solve the problem. The old farmer was worried. He bent over and begged the iron crutch Li not to fight. He said that if he hurt the fortune teller, he would certainly have to take a lawsuit! The fortune teller grabbed the old farmer’s skirt again and sneered at Li Tieguai. Just when he was complacent, a miracle occurred: the old man with white beard threw a string of bright and golden copper coins from his sleeve, “dangdangdang…” the copper coins were thrown loudly. The fortune teller was surprised and happy. He fell on the ground to count. Ho, not much, not much, exactly fifty! He turned around and quickly kowtowed to the old man with white beard, “master, don’t you remember villains! The villain has eyes and doesn’t know Mount Tai! ”

“Well, get up. If you want to tell fortune telling, just make a living. Don’t be greedy and cheat the poor!” Where did the fortune teller hear the bitter words? Busy and excited, he knelt on the ground and pursed his ass to pick up the money. At this time, a more amazing scene appeared: somehow, the fortune teller’s hand touched a string of copper coins, which suddenly turned into a string of white paper money! Unwilling, he picked up one string after another, and fifty strings of copper money turned into paper money without mercy.

A string of paper money was put in the fortune teller’s hand. It was shaking with the autumn wind, and his greedy mouse eyes were almost bulging out. He jumped up, grabbed the white bearded old man’s long beard, stamped his feet and shouted, “old liar! You old liar! Go and see the county magistrate with me! ““ I’m paying him back in his own way! ” The old man with white beard answered calmly, “hee hee, if you want to tell fortune telling, don’t teach me a lesson in front of me. Let me tell you, I was an official under Emperor Yao 5000 years ago and a Taoist under Emperor Tang Minghuang hundreds of years ago. I don’t know how many dignitaries and dignitaries have counted their lives and divined divination. Fortune telling is just for making a living. Don’t cheat! ” With that, the snow-white and old man pushed away the fortune teller’s hand with a gentle push.

“I’ll count your life too: if you dare to cheat others in the future, I’ll make you a paper man!” With that, the old man turned and threw his legs, rode on the white donkey, and ran quickly to the East. The fortune teller was so frightened that he was full of energy. The onlookers also held their breath until the sound of the donkey gradually disappeared, and everyone calmed down and clapped their hands.

Lancaihe was so happy that he jumped and danced, singing in the name of the jade version: “tap the song, lancaihe, the world must not be too greedy, and there is no way to turn copper money into paper!” Tieguai Li waved an iron stick and warned the fortune teller not to bully the poor in the future. Then he took out a few packets of herbs from the big gourd on his back and gave them to the ragged old farmer, asking him to go home and treat his wife.

The old man with white beard said he was an official with Emperor Yao 5000 years ago? Um! This person must be extraordinary! LAN Caihe took the iron crutch Li and followed the footprints of the little donkey all the way. After a few miles, I saw the old man with white beard waiting for them under a big locust tree. LAN CAI and Bi respectfully ask the old man’s name.

“My name is Guo, and my surname is Zhang!”

“Oh, it’s the famous old Zhang Guo! I’ve heard a lot! ” LAN Caihe, tie Guai and Li bowed. Coincidentally, like LAN Caihe and tie Guai Li, Zhang Guolao was invited by LV Dongbin and Han Zhongli to go to Penglai to see the fairyland!

The red sunset was about to set. Seeing that it was getting late, the three came to a broken Temple together. Tie Guai Li took down the big gourd as a pillow, LAN Caihe rested against the wall, and Zhang Guo in the yard slowly slid down from the little white donkey. The little donkey ran panting for a long time. It’s time to eat grass. How can there be grass in this broken temple? LAN Caihe was young and naturally had to work more. He stood up and said he was going to find grass for the donkey.

“Little brother, don’t bother you to drive,” Zhang Guo winked mysteriously to LAN Caihe, “look carefully!” Then he bent down and gently blew two breaths at the little donkey. Hey, the panting donkey immediately lay down and turned into a white paper donkey! Not only LAN Caihe was stunned, but also Tieguai Li, who had a wide range of knowledge, shouted: “it’s wonderful! Strange! Ginger is still old and spicy! Old Zhang Guo is really extraordinary. I admire him! ” Old Zhang Guo folded the paper donkey and put it in his arms. He went into the broken temple, took out the jade board used to sing Daoqing, put it under his head, and fell down with his clothes to sleep.

“Strange old man, he can not only ride on a donkey backwards, but also turn copper money into paper money. Now he can turn a living donkey into a paper donkey by blowing a breath! Alas, I thought I could go up to heaven to sprinkle flowers and regulate the climate. Tie Guai Li can cure diseases and save people with medicine gourd on his back. It seems that there are really “days outside the sky and people outside the people”. We immortals are really hiding dragons and crouching tigers! ” LAN Caihe muttered to himself, listening to the snoring of tie Guai Li, and slowly fell asleep.

“Chirping”, the next morning, the birds on several big ginkgo trees in the yard of the broken Temple kept calling, and the three immortals got up and called for well water to wash. After cleaning up, Zhang Guolao took out the paper donkey from his arms and blew two mouthfuls at it. Ha, the paper donkey has become a living donkey again! The snow-white man Zhang Guolao stepped onto the snow-white donkey and ran all the way east! LAN Caihe dragged a string of copper coins. Tie Guai Li limped with a big gourd on his back and followed closely. Oh, they are all in a hurry to go to Penglai fairyland for a party!

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