Chinese Historical Story: Why did Liu Bei kill his adopted son

During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan were divided into three parts of the world, among which Liu Bei was the most famous. As for whether it is true or false, everyone has their own views.

I don’t know if you have ever thought about such a problem. The world says Cao Cao is a traitor, while Liu Bei Rende, their attitude towards their adopted son is very interesting. Cao Cao has three adopted sons, all of whom are treated and valued by Cao Cao. Even the adopted son who doesn’t listen to him the most, Cao Cao just turns a blind eye. On the contrary, Liu Bei had only one adopted son. He raised him and killed him in the end.

Why did Liu Bei kill his adopted son

When many people mention Liu Bei, they will think of Liu Bei’s son “a dou”, that is, Liu Chan, the empress of Shuhan. In fact, long before Liu Chan was born, Liu Bei, who thought he would never have a son in his life, had adopted the son of Luo Hou Kou and the nephew of a family surnamed Liu in Changsha County as his son. He named the child Liu Feng.

As we all know, Liu Bei’s own son, Liu Chan, is a helpless ah Dou, while his adopted son, Liu Feng, is a rare talent.

Liu Feng practiced martial arts when he was young. He was just fierce and had great strength. In his early twenties, he followed Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei to sweep Xichuan. He was invincible and invincible wherever he went.

Did Liu Bei avenge Guan Yu? In the 23rd year of Jian’an (218), Liu Bei took Cao Cao in the front. He didn’t dare to fight, so he sent his good son Liu Feng to challenge Cao Cao. Cao Cao was so angry that he scolded: “the boy selling shoes will only ask your fake son to block your Taigong? When I call my real son to beat you! ” So Cao Cao sent for Cao Zhang, his son with the best martial arts skills, to meet Liu Feng. However, Cao Cao withdrew his troops before Cao Zhang arrived.

Cao Cao is not unable to fight. On the contrary, his overall planning ability in military affairs is not lost to those generals under his hands. Why doesn’t he fight Liu Feng? Is he afraid or afraid of losing face? After all, one thing is absolutely certain, that is, Liu Feng is very strong! He was so strong that Cao Cao was afraid, so strong that Cao Cao had to move out his son with the best martial arts to fight!

Liu Feng was really strong, but his strength became his original sin, which made Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei kill him. Many people are willing to believe that the reason for Liu Feng’s death is that he killed Guan Yu, but is this really the case?

In the 24th year of Jian’an (219), when Guan Yu surrounded Xiangfan, he repeatedly asked Liu Feng and Mengda to send troops to help, but Liu Feng and Mengda refused to help Guan Yu on the grounds that they had just occupied the three counties of Shangyong and did not dare to leave easily. Finally, Guan Yu was defeated and killed. After this incident, Liu Bei was dissatisfied with Liu Feng, but he did not punish Liu Feng at that time.

The following year, Liu Feng had a disagreement with Meng Da. He robbed Meng Da’s band playing drum music. Meng Da was afraid of Liu Bei’s punishment because of Guan Yu. Now he was suppressed and excluded by Liu Feng. Finally, he had to write a letter of resignation to Liu Bei and take his ministry to surrender to Cao Wei. Liu Feng let Liu Bei lose a general, and Liu Bei’s dissatisfaction and resentment against him soared to the extreme.

After Mengda surrendered to the state of Wei, Cao Pi sent him to seize the three East counties. Mengda wrote to persuade Liu Feng to surrender, but Liu Feng refused. Whether Liu Bei knows it or not, Liu Bei is definitely suspicious of Liu Feng’s loyalty at this time.

Later, Liu Feng was defeated by Mengda. After returning to Chengdu, Liu Bei began to calculate the general ledger with him, blaming him for not saving Guan Yu and bullying Mengda. Zhuge Liang also advised Liu Bei to get rid of Liu Feng at this time. He thought Liu Feng was strong and brave. After Liu Bei died, no one could subdue him. At that time, Liu Bei had his own son Liu Chan. In the future, the throne of Shu Han must be passed to Liu Chan. Can Liu Chan control Liu Feng?

Finally, Liu Bei killed Liu Feng and ordered him to commit suicide. Liu Feng could only sigh: “I regret not listening to Mencius.” Then he killed himself. After Liu Feng died, Liu Bei became sad and wept for Liu Feng. Who knows whether his sadness is true or false?

Liu Bei and Guan Yu had a good relationship with each other. After Guan Yu died, why didn’t he punish Liu Feng at the first time? Instead, after Liu Feng kept making mistakes, he grabbed all the handles and asked Liu Feng for guilt? Besides, even if Liu Feng is guilty, is he committing a capital crime? I’m afraid Zhuge Liang’s words reminded him that Liu Feng, who is strong and capable, must be eliminated, not for the present but for the future!

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