Zhuge Liang’s story of feeding chickens

In his youth, Zhuge Liang learned from Mr. Shuijing Sima Hui. At that time, there were no clocks and timepieces, and there was no sun on rainy days. Time is hard to master. In order to keep time, Sima Hui trained to call on time by feeding regularly. Zhuge Liang was gifted. When he heard what Mr. Sima said, he couldn’t understand his thirst for knowledge. In order to learn more, he wanted his teacher to extend the lecture time, but his teacher always took the chicken crowing as the standard, so Zhuge Liang thought: if you extend the whining time, your teacher’s lecture time will be extended. So when he went to school, he took some food and put it in his pocket. It is estimated that when the chicken is about to crow, he will feed it some food, and the chicken will not crow as soon as it is full.

 Zhuge Liang's story of feeding chickens

After some time, Mr. Sima wondered why the chicken didn’t crow on time? After careful observation, it was found that Zhuge Liang fed the chickens when they were about to crow. In class, Mr. Sima asked the students why the chicken didn’t crow on time? The other students are confused. Zhuge Liang knew in his heart, but he was an honest man. He truthfully reported to Mr. Sima about feeding chickens when they were crowing to prolong the teaching time. Mr. Sima was very angry. He burned his book on the spot and didn’t let him continue reading. Zhuge Liang was eager to learn. He couldn’t get it if he couldn’t read, but he couldn’t be hard, so he went to ask Mrs. Sima. After hearing that GE Liang was punished for feeding chickens to study, the groom expressed deep sympathy and interceded with Mr. Sima. Mr. Sima said, “at a young age, if you don’t use Kung Fu in your homework, you will be deceived by your mental skills. This is an evil intention. This man has no great achievements in the future. ” Mrs. Sima repeatedly interceded for Zhuge Liang, saying that although he was young and had a little heart, he always wanted to learn more and had no plans for him. After hearing this, Mr. Sima felt justified and agreed with Zhuge Liang to continue reading.

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