Chinese fair tale: Little Chef

The business of Sihai restaurant is good because the dishes of Sihai restaurant are good; The food in Sihai restaurant is good because there is a good cook. The cook’s name is Xiang thirteen. He is just thirteen years old.

Xiangshisan’s food is good. Needless to say, it’s not careless at all, from selecting materials to changing knives, from spoon to pot, quick fire and slow fire, cold soup and hot soup. Even if a porter asked for a dish of fried dried cabbage, he cooked it very delicately. As for what color and smell, the walls on both sides of braid Lane have something to say.

Xiang thirteen is a child. It is a time when children are inevitably naughty. On the first day he came to Sihai restaurant, he stood by the snow-white wall of braid lane and stayed for a while. Finally, he ran to the boss to ask for a bald pen and wrote two words on the wall: good smell.

After that, there were always pens and ink at the door of Sihai restaurant. Everyone who was interested would comment on the dishes of Xiang 13. The most humorous one was written by a scholar outside the pass: where are my big teeth? No one knows where his big teeth have gone. Maybe it fell on the plate. Sweet!

Fireworks go to Yangzhou in March. This is the rule set by a poet surnamed Meng in the Tang Dynasty. Everyone who wants to go to Yangzhou regards this sentence as the golden rule. On the 19th day of the third lunar month, two guests in strange costumes came to Sihai restaurant. A tall man with a gloomy face without a smile; The other is very short, but he is a talkative owner.

When they entered the four seas restaurant, it was noon. There were a lot of guests in the four seas restaurant. Originally, everyone was noisy for fear that others would not hear them. However, when the two men entered the restaurant, there was a moment of silence in the restaurant, and everyone looked at the two people together.

The tall man was white and hung an ink iron sword at his waist; The short man was full of ink, but he had a pair of bright silver hooks on his back. They carried a heavy package in their hands. The tall man didn’t speak, but the short man rounded up the scene: “nice to meet you. Take your time, take your time, you’re welcome, you’re welcome.” it seems that all the people in this room are his guests. Many people laughed and thought the two people were funny, so they went on to eat and drink.

Chinese fair tale

Two strange guests sat down and asked the waiter in the running hall to order two cool and two hot, two meat and two vegetarian, twenty white flour steamed buns and two pots of burning knives. What a good appetite.

Later, somehow, they alerted the people of the government and took them. People in Yangzhou know that the captors who came to take these two strange guests are Shang Wang and Xia Zai. Shangwang loves to fight with people face to face, while Xia Zai mostly writes after people. But anyway, these two people are definitely first-class experts in Yangzhou. Shangwang and Xia carry out a person, which is already a great big case. If both of them come out, it’s strange that the case is not connected.

Shang Wang and Xia Zai went to the four seas restaurant and locked the two strange guests without a knife or a gun. It’s not that their martial arts are many times higher than each other. It’s because when they come, the two people can’t move and look like dead people. Otherwise, it’s definitely a fierce fight.

As soon as the two men, tall and short, sat down at the wine table, they showed off their skills. The short man patted the table with his hand, and two pairs of chopsticks fell on the small dish in front of them, silently, like cotton falling into the pond. The tall one should exaggerate. With a sword, he split a fly flying around in front of them in two, not blocking the waist, but from beginning to end. The two halves are so uniform that even machine segmentation is difficult to achieve such a standard.

If these four people meet together, they won’t turn the World Restaurant upside down! But the business of Sihai restaurant is still booming, and other guests are not disturbed at all.

Just a little curious. I don’t know where these two strange guests came from.

Shang Wang said, “they are the wanted criminals of the imperial court.”

The guests of the whole restaurant clapped their hands.

Shang Wang said, “we brothers don’t deserve this credit.”

Xia Zai said, “this is the credit of my little brother Xiang 13.”

Everyone was confused.

At this time, the waiter couldn’t stand it. He jumped onto a chair and panted, “it’s my case!”

Shang Wang and Xia Zai couldn’t help laughing.

It turned out that Xiang 13 was cooking in the kitchen when he suddenly smelled a fishy smell of human blood. The smell was very weak. It should have splashed on people more than ten days ago. Xiang shisan’s nose is so sensitive. He will know what kind of guests come to the store by sniffing.

Compared with animal blood, human blood is particularly sweet.

Xiang shisan smelled not only the smell of human blood, but also the smell of mutton on on silver and jewelry. Such a guest makes people think. Moreover, the news that the victim of the important case was robbed and killed outside Yangzhou city was faster than the spring breeze, blowing the faces of Yangzhou people green.

What a ferocious bandit was planted in the hands of a 13-year-old cook. This is amazing.

In fact, Xiang shisan did not add two more “seasonings” to the dishes of the two people in the past!

Since it is strange, it can’t stop people coming to see it. It was modest to see. Some dignitaries asked their servants to invite Xiang 13 to come to the house with a post, which was politely rejected by Xiang 13.

Xiang13’s life is three points and one line: bedroom – Patio – kitchen. Sleeping in the bedroom, playing in the patio and cooking in the kitchen.

If he plays, he plays surprisingly. Other children are tired of playing a game several times, but Xiang 13 is different. If he doesn’t play each game well, he won’t stop.

Adults say that Xiang thirteen is a stubborn child. Stubborn children are bound to lose heart. But if you lose your heart, you may encounter some immortal.

The temple fair is on the eighth day of April, and Yangzhou city is particularly lively.

Not to mention the picturesque boats cruising on the thin West Lake and the weaving of small boats, nor the roaring voices of people in large and small temples. Just say that in these four seas restaurants, those who book tables want to wait until the latter half of the night.

Xiang thirteen is very busy.

People are busy and their noses are busy. The table at the south window on the second floor is an old guest from Sichuan, and a handful of chili is added to the dish; The third table in the North window on the first floor is a money merchant from Shanxi, with dishes and a bowl of aged vinegar… Only the small private room on the second floor has been empty, but the small private room on the second floor was booked as early as a month ago.

It was a starry night. Outside braid lane, five people walked in leisurely, led by a middle-aged man, tall and big, with a rare heroic spirit between his eyebrows. On his right was an old man with a long beard on his chest, which almost covered his skirt. His left head is a girl. She is only twelve or thirteen years old and looks smart

Bright, a smile reveals a row of white teeth, glittering like diamonds. Behind the three were two men whose faces were as heavy as water. It was difficult to see the age of men.

The five of them face the four seas restaurant. They booked the small private room on the second floor. The boy knows the old man. He was the one who ordered the table last time, but he changed his clothes today.

The lights of such a big four seas restaurant are bright. The five people who came were no different from the five people who left. They talked, laughed, ate, drank, drunk and woke up. No one noticed that there were five more people in the four seas restaurant, because the costumes of these five people were too ordinary, like a family of three generations and five people. After playing hard, they came to have a snack. The picture was a leisure.

The boy asked, “what would you like to eat?”

Pass me a recipe.

The old man smiled and said, “come up according to the list.”

The boy didn’t understand. He opened his eyes and stood there.

The girl smiled and said, “what do you have in your shop?”

The boy is more confused.

The first middle-aged man was silent.

The back was annoyed by one. He shouted, “let Xiang 13 do whatever is written in your recipe.”

It didn’t matter to drink. The menu on the table spread out and flew into the boy’s arms.

The boy almost cried.

The middle-aged man finally spoke. He said comfortingly, “don’t be afraid. We’re here to eat vegetables, not to make trouble.”

The boy ran back. The boss ran forward. The two men hit each other.

The boss asked, “where are those who came in just now?”

The boy pointed upstairs.

The boss’s face changed and his legs trembled. Boy, I don’t know what happened.

When he went back to the kitchen, he saw the landlady and some guys who only helped in the back on weekdays. They carried the table, swept the yard, sprinkled water, and hung the lights. They were busy all the time.

When the boy knew that something big had happened in the store, his legs couldn’t help shaking.

Wutong, the five upstairs, were invited to the backyard to be seated. The backyard at this time was like a different world. The corridor was clear and clear, and the ground was spotlessly clean.

The middle-aged man didn’t know what the boss meant.

The boss will only open his mouth and make no noise.

Although the five people wondered, they sat down in turn.

But the position of the two fuzzy men has changed significantly compared with that in the small private room on the second floor.

The backyard is not big.

It seems that there is only enough for a big eight immortals table.

The backyard is small.

But after sitting down for five people, it didn’t look very crowded.

The eight immortals table is black and shiny. In addition to five cups, dishes, bowls and chopsticks, there was a big white plate in the middle of the table. As soon as the curtain rang, a child came out of the kitchen with a pigtail coiled on his head and his hair was black and shiny. Because the hair was too black, he looked white and clean, his teeth bit his lower lip slightly, and his heart seemed to hold back an uncontrollable energy.

He carried a small bamboo basket with green and red vegetables in his left arm, and a thin knife in his right hand.

No one knows what he is going to do.

The middle-aged man looked at him with interest.

Instead of looking at the middle-aged man, he stared at the big plate on the eight immortals table.

Suddenly, his body moved. With the rotation of his body, the vegetables in his arms flew up, and the knife in his hand flowed down like moonlight.

When the child just moved, the two men seemed to move, but when the child moved completely, they sat down quietly.

The vegetables fell into the big plate like falling flowers.

No flying, no splashing, no more, no less.

A giant dragon flying in the air was presented to the public.

The middle-aged man clapped his hands and couldn’t help shouting, “good!” but as soon as his word “good” came out, he stopped and was stunned.

Because there are four golden characters under the Dragon: long live my emperor!

While writing on the wall of braid lane, the emperor said to the old man around him, “God, it’s really God. I can’t eat all the Manchu and Han people. I can’t smell it!”

The old man smiled without answering.

The emperor wrote three words on the wall of braid Lane: “little chef!”

It is said that the word “Little Chef” appeared less than three days, and other words were brushed away one after another. Think about it, there is no other reason. Who dares to keep pace with him as soon as the emperor’s word appears on the wall.

The only exception is that the words of the scholar outside the pass were not painted.

Maybe it’s too far. No one told him.

Or someone told him that he couldn’t get together the money to Yangzhou.

However, “where are my big teeth?” and the emperor’s “Little Chef” complement each other.

The business of Sihai restaurant is even more popular!

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