Chinese fairy tale: Legend of white snake

At the Qingming Festival, the west lake shore is full of flowers and willows, and the broken bridge is full of tourists. It’s really a beautiful picture of spring. Suddenly, two beautiful girls quietly rose up from the bottom of the West Lake. What’s the matter? How can people rise out of the water? It turned out that they were two snake spirits who had been cultivated into human shapes. Nevertheless, they had no intention of harming others. Only because they admired the colorful life in the world, one was named Bai Suzhen and the other Xiaoqing. They came to the West Lake to play.

Legend of white snake

But God suddenly lost his temper. Suddenly it rained cats and dogs. Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing were drenched with nowhere to hide. They were worried. Suddenly, they only felt an umbrella on their head. Turning around, they saw a gentle, white and delicate young scholar holding an umbrella to protect them from the rain. Bai Suzhen and the little scholar had four eyes. They all blushed and loved each other. Xiaoqing looked in her eyes and hurriedly said, “thank you! May I have your name, sir? ” The little scholar said, “my name is Xu Xian. I live by the broken bridge.” Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing also hurriedly introduced themselves. From then on, the three of them often met. Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian’s feelings became better and better. Soon, they married and opened a hospital. They had a beautiful life!

Because the hospital has cured many difficult diseases, and it doesn’t charge any money for the poor to see a doctor and dispense medicine, the business of the drugstore is becoming more and more prosperous. More and more people come to Bai Suzhen for treatment. Bai Suzhen is affectionately called Bai Niang. However, the prosperity of the hospital, the happy life of Xu Xian and the white lady annoyed a person. Who? That is the Fahai monk of Jinshan Temple. Because people’s diseases have been cured by the white lady, fewer people go to Jinshan Temple to burn incense and pray for Bodhisattvas. If the incense is not prosperous, the Fahai monk will naturally be unhappy. That day, when he came to the hospital again, he saw that the white lady was treating people. He couldn’t help being jealous. He looked at it again. Alas! It turned out that the white lady was not a mortal, but a white snake!

Although Fahai has a little magic, his mind is not right. Seeing the identity of the white lady, he wanted to break up Xu Xianbai and his wife all day and bring down the hospital. So he secretly called Xu Xian to the temple and said to him, “your mother is a snake spirit. Break up with her quickly, or she will eat you!” Xu Xian was very angry. He thought: my mother is kind-hearted and has a deeper affection for me than the sea. Even if she is a snake spirit, she will not harm me. Besides, she is pregnant now. How can I abandon her! When Fahai saw that Xu Xian was not fooled by him, he became angry and shut Xu Xian in the temple.

In the hospital, the white lady is anxiously waiting for Xu Xian to come back. One or two days, left and right, the white lady was burning with anxiety. Finally, I heard that Xu Xian had been “kept” by the Fahai monk of Jinshan Temple. Bai Niang hurried to Jinshan Temple with Xiaoqing and begged for Fahai to release Xu Xian. When Fahai saw the white lady, he sneered and said, “bold demon snake, I advise you to leave the world quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude!” Seeing that Fahai refused to let go, the white lady had no choice but to pull off the gold hairpin on her head, shake it in the wind, set off a torrent of waves, and approached Jinshan Temple. Seeing the water overflowing Jinshan Temple, Fahai quickly took off his cassock, turned it into a long embankment and stopped it outside the temple. When the flood rises one foot, the long dike will be one foot higher. When the flood rises one foot, the long dike will be one foot higher. No matter how big the waves are, they can’t diffuse. In addition, the white lady was pregnant, so she couldn’t fight Fahai. Later, Fahai used fraud to collect the white lady into a golden bowl and press it under the Leifeng Tower, breaking up Xu Xian and the loving couple alive.

After Xiaoqing fled Jinshan Temple and practiced martial arts in the mountains for decades, she finally defeated Fahai, forced him into the belly of a crab and rescued the white lady. From then on, she lived happily with Xu Xian and their children and never separated again.

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