Chinese fairy tale: Eight Immortals crossing the sea

The so-called eight immortals refer to Eight Immortals: tie Guai Li, Han Zhongli, LAN Caihe, Zhang Guolao, he Xianggu, Han Xiangzi, uncle Cao and LV Dongbin.

One day, the eight immortals came back from paying their birthday to the West Queen Mother and passed over the East China Sea. They saw the sea choppy and white waves, which was spectacular. So the eight immortals decided to play on the sea.

LV Dongbin said, “how about throwing your treasure on the sea and crossing the sea with it to compare who has more magic power?”

Tieguai Li first welcomed this proposal. He said with high interest, “OK! Look at me first!” and threw his crutch into the sea. The crutch floated on the water like a small boat. Tieguai Li somersaulted and stood on the crutch.

Then Han Zhongli threw his banana fan into the sea, jumped down and stood on it.

Then, several other immortals also showed their magic powers. Zhang Guolao rode on a donkey, LV Dongbin stepped on a male and female sword, Han Xiangzi sat Xiao, he Xianggu rode on a flower basket, LAN Caihe stood on the clapboard, and uncle Cao stepped on a jade plate, all floating on the sea.

The eight immortals floated steadily along the turbulent waves, which was very different from flying through the clouds. They had a new excitement and mood. Did you have a good time.

Chinese fairy tale

At this time, uncle Cao suddenly pointed to the right and shouted:

“Look! There’s a mirage there!”

When we looked around, we saw a fairy mountain rising gradually from the sea. There were trees and buildings on the mountain. After a while, it rose into the air and slowly became a floating cloud on the horizon. In a twinkling of an eye, the floating cloud was dispersed by the wind.

Han Xiangzi said, “we really have a good eye! Mirage gas is the gas hissed out by Jiaolong in the sea. It’s rare to see it in a hundred years!”

Suddenly, lancaihe disappeared from them. Everyone looked around and shouted while looking, but there was no trace of LAN Caihe. Old Zhang Guo guessed:

“It may be the Dragon King of the East China Sea. He doesn’t welcome us to show our magic at his sea. He caught LAN Caihe in the Dragon Palace. Let’s go to the Dragon Palace together!”

Everyone came to the Dragon Palace and politely asked the Dragon King to release people. The Dragon King was unreasonable. He not only refused, but also sent some of his sons to lead the shrimp and crab soldiers to hunt down the eight immortals. The eight immortals had to use their magic weapons as weapons to resist the shrimp and crab generals. After a fierce battle, the two princes of the Dragon King were killed by the eight immortals.

When the dragon king heard that his two sons were killed by the eight immortals, he was extremely sad and angry. Shang asked the Dragon King of Nanhai, Xihai and Beihai to help. The Dragon King’s unwillingness angered the eight immortals. Tie Guai Li absorbed all the sea water with wine gourd. The other immortals moved Mount Tai and threw it into the East China Sea. The East China Sea immediately became a high mountain.

The fight between the two sides was dark and the sun and the moon were dim. The supreme Lao Jun, the Tathagata Buddha and Guanyin were also disturbed. They all rushed to mediate. As a result of the mediation, LAN CAI and Dong Hai Long Wang sent two jade plates as compensation for the killing of the two princes, while Guan Shiyin was responsible for moving Taishan back to its original place.

Because of this dispute, the eight immortals were demoted to the first class by the Jade Emperor. Since then, the eight immortals no longer dare to make trouble outside.

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