Chinese fairy tale: Elegant thief

With a jar of wine, Zhang Xing visited Mr. Hu, a calligraphy and painting expert, and said, “I heard that Mr. Hu has a deep research on wine. My jar of wine has been left by my ancestors for nearly a hundred years. Please taste it!”

After that, he opened the wine jar and immediately the wine fragrance overflowed. Then Zhang Xing poured a cup for Mr. Hu. Mr. Hu smelled it and drank it slowly. He was stunned at first, then smiled and said, “I’m ashamed of your generous visit today. It happens that I also have wine for more than a hundred years. Please taste it. It’s a chance to get together!”

Chinese fairy tale: Elegant thief

Mr. Hu went to the wine cabinet, took out a wine gourd, poured a cup for Zhang Xing and said, “please.”

Zhang Xing smelled it and said, “good wine.”

Mr. Hu said, “you and I are destined to meet. Are you interested in listening to me tell the story of this wine!”

It turned out that during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, Mr. Hu’s great grandfather found a small white snake in his newly brewed jar of wine. He quickly sealed the jar of wine and put it into the dug pit; Then all the jade articles moved to the house were thrown into the pit and buried together.

Half a year later, Mr. Hu’s great grandfather dug the hole, but he saw a hole full of broken jade. Take out the jar of wine and remove the seal. Suddenly, the wine overflows and tastes a mouthful. Mr. Hu’s great grandfather shouted “best”. That day, the little white snake fell into the wine and died. The wine absorbed the spirit of the little white snake and its evil spirit. Jade is an evil and auspicious thing. It can remove the evil spirit of the little white snake. There is broken jade in the pit, which indicates that there has been a battle between good Qi and evil Qi. Since then, this jar of wine has been regarded as a family heirloom by Mr. Hu’s ancestors and passed on to Mr. Hu after three generations.

Mr. Hu then said, “the so-called life is like wine, and a gentleman is like jade. How can this wine be valuable? Whether a person is a gentleman in wine or controlled by evil thoughts is all in one thought.” after that, he plunged into the table. It turned out that Zhang Xing had put sweat medicine in the wine he brought.

Zhang Xing wanted to steal a precious calligraphy and painting from Mr. Hu. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly stood up, hugged his fist and left

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