Chinese fairy tale: Fuxi taught people to fish

After the Fuxi brothers and sisters made people, the world became more and more lively day by day. However, the people at that time were different from our current people. At that time, people didn’t know how to make crops. When it was dark, they only knew how to fight wild animals. What they ate was the meat of wild animals and what they drank was the blood of wild animals. If you fight less wild animals, eat less; If you can’t reach it, you’ll be hungry. At that time, eating became a big problem.

Fu Xi was very sad to see this. He thought: if we keep going like this, won’t we starve some people to death? He thought about it for three days and nights, but he didn’t come up with a way to solve the problem of eating for his children and grandchildren. On the fourth day, he went to the river and wandered around while trying to find a way. Walking, I occasionally looked up and saw how high a big and fat carp jumped from the water. After a while, another carp jumped up; After a while. Another one. This attracted Fu Xi’s attention. He thought: these carp are big and fat. Isn’t it good to eat them! He made up his mind and went down the river to catch fish. Without much effort, he caught a fat and big carp. Fu Xi was so happy that he took the carp home.

Fuxi taught people to fish

When Fuxi’s children and grandchildren saw that Fuxi had caught fish, they all ran to ask questions. Fuxi tore the fish for them to eat. Everyone ate it and thought it tasted good. Fu Xi said to them, “since the fish is delicious, we will catch fish in the future to help make up for life.” Of course, the children and grandchildren agreed. They all ran to the river to catch fish. After a whole afternoon, almost everyone caught one, and three or four. Now everyone was so happy that they took the fish back and had a good meal. Fu Xi also sent letters to his children and grandchildren living in other places, calling them to catch fish and eat.

In this way, in less than three days, Fuxi’s children and grandchildren learned to catch fish.

But good things take time. On the third day, the Dragon King suddenly brought the tortoise prime minister to intervene. He said to Fu Xi viciously, “who called you to catch fish? Are so many of you at ease to catch all my dragon sons and grandchildren? Put it down quickly! ”

Fu Xi was not frightened by the Dragon King’s words. He righteously asked the Dragon King, “you don’t allow us to catch fish, so what shall we eat?”

The Dragon King said angrily, “I can control what you eat? You are not allowed to catch fish. ”

Fu Xi said“ OK, don’t catch, we don’t catch; We’ll drink water if we don’t have anything to eat in the future. Drink the water dry and dry all your aquariums! ”

The Dragon King was originally a bully. When Fu Xi said this, he was really afraid. He was afraid that if Fu Xi and his children and grandchildren really came to drink up the water, his life would be difficult to protect. If you want them to catch you, you really can’t come back. You are in a dilemma. The prime minister tortoise comes to the Dragon King’s ear and whispers to the Dragon King“ You see, these people catch fish by hand. Make a rule with them: as long as they don’t drink up the river, let them catch it, but don’t catch it by hand. They can’t catch fish without their hands. At this moment, you not only saved the dragon’s son and grandson, but also your life. How good it would be for them to stare at the river! ”

Upon hearing this, the Dragon King laughed with joy, turned his face and said to Fu Xi:

“As long as you don’t drink up the water, you can catch fish if you want, but you have to abide by such a rule, but you can’t catch fish with your hands. If you agree, even if it is agreed, both sides are not allowed to go back! ”

Fu Xi thought for a moment and said, “OK.”

The Dragon King thought that Fu Xi had been fooled, so he took the prime minister tortoise back happily. Fu Xi also took his children and grandchildren back.

After Fu Xi went back, he wanted to catch fish without hands. After thinking all night and thinking all morning the next day, I still didn’t think of a way. In the afternoon, he lay in the shade, looking at the sky and still thinking.

At this time, he saw a spider netting between the two branches. A line on the left and a line on the right will soon tie a round net. The spider tied the web and ran to the corner to hide. After a while, the mosquitoes and flies flying from afar were caught by the net. The spider climbed out of the corner and had a good meal.

Fu Xi suddenly opened his mind when he saw the spider web. He ran to the mountain and found some kudzu vine as rope. Like a spider, he woven them into a rough web, then cut two wooden sticks and tied them to the web in a cross shape, and took a long stick to the middle, and the web was ready. He took the net to the river and put it in the river. Holding a long stick, he waited quietly on the bank. After a while, I pulled the net up. Oh, there were some happy fish in the net. This method is just right. Compared with catching fish by hand, people don’t have to go into the water. Fu Xi taught his children and grandchildren the method of netting. From then on, his children and grandchildren knew how to fish with a net, and there was no shortage of food. Until now, people still use nets to catch fish.

The Dragon King was very angry when he saw Fu Xi fishing with a net. Because they didn’t catch fish with their hands! If the Dragon King goes back on his word, it’s not only hard to say, but also afraid to provoke Fu Xi and his children and grandchildren into a fire and really drink up the water. The Dragon King sat in the Dragon official. He was so anxious that he puffed out a pair of eyes. So the eyes of the Dragon King painted later were bulging. That uninformed turtle, seeing that the Dragon King was so anxious, wanted to make an idea for the Dragon King. Who knows, just climbed onto the Dragon King’s shoulder and put his mouth to the Dragon King’s ear. Before he said a word, he was slapped by the Dragon King into the ink plate on the case in front of him. The tortoise turned twice in the ink tray and dyed all over with ink. Now the tortoise is painted with black paint, which was dyed in the ink plate by the Dragon King.

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