Chinese fairy tale: Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

March of the ninth year of Yonghe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. One day, Liang Guanghan, from Shangliang village, Kuaiji County, had a son in his middle age and paid special attention to him. He invited Mr. literati to name his son. Mr. Liang Guanghan said, “we should pay attention to benevolence, righteousness and morality in dealing with people. The child takes the word ‘churen’. You live in a mountain village and are rarely the first son. Your name is’ Shanbo ‘.” Liang Guanghan and his wife are very satisfied with this.

Shanbo has been smart and Superman since he was young. At the age of four or five, listening to adults tell stories can not only remember them again, but also pass them on to the children in the neighborhood. Count and account clearly. He is hardworking and able to go up the mountain to cut firewood and feed sheep and chickens. When he was 12 years old, one day, he saw several rich children going to school with their bookcases. Little Shanbo was very envious. He curiously followed him to the reading place and looked at the windowsill. I saw an old gentleman shaking his head teaching. He felt very fresh and unconsciously remembered what he had read and explained one by one. When the teacher checked the students’ recitation, one student couldn’t recite it. Liang Shanbo covered his mouth and smiled outside the window. He couldn’t help but recite it. The teacher was surprised when he heard someone outside reciting the text. He came out and saw that he was a clever and delicate child, which was very pleasant. The teacher asked, “why don’t you go to school, child?” Shanbo politely replied, “there is no money at home for me to go to school.” Mr. Wang wanted to cultivate this clever child, so he asked Shanbo to lead the way home. Mr. Liang said to Liang Guanghan, “I think this child is very clever and will become a great thing in the future. Other people’s children have to pay three stones and five bushels of rice for reading. I don’t accept any rice for your children, and I fund books and stationery. ” As soon as Liang Guanghan heard this, he was very happy. He thought to himself that it would be better for my family to be illiterate for generations and to be able to read in the son’s generation, so he agreed to Mr. Little Shanbo was very grateful to him and bowed deeply to him.

Lian Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

Sure enough, Shanbo studied in the school and never forgot the four books and five classics; Recite poetry and composition. He has been in school for three years and has outstanding talents. He is naturally very happy every year. But on second thought, the child has no books to read in my place. He should think about his future. It’s better to send him to the famous teacher of Siming school in Yicheng for further study. Out of love for talent, Mr. Shanbo persuaded his parents to donate 120 taels of silver for tuition, and wrote a letter to a famous teacher to introduce Liang Shanbo to school.

In spring, Liang Shanbo said goodbye to his parents, thanked his mentor, carried a bamboo bookcase on his shoulder, brought dry food, and traveled east along the river day and night to the city at the foot of Siming Mountain. Rise at sunrise and rest at sunset. One day I came to the ferry and took a boat across the river to Yicheng. On board, I met a scholar like man with a schoolboy carrying a bookcase next to him. Liang Shanbo came forward and asked, “your name, where do you live and where are you going?” The other party replied politely, “my surname is Zhu, my name is Yingtai, my character is Xinzhai, and I am from ZHUJIAZHUANG. I’m going to Siming city to study as a teacher. ” Shanbo was very happy when he heard this. He immediately informed his name and address. He said, “you and I are separated by only a few mountains. They belong to Kuaiji county and are also fellow townsmen. I have little talent and learning. Please give me more advice.” Yingtai hurriedly said, “you’re welcome, you’re welcome.” The two talked endlessly on the ship and had a speculative conversation. He is 16 years old and 2 years old, so the two sides call each other brothers. Yingtai’s schoolboy Yinxin is very happy that Yingtai happens to meet such a kind and polite brother.

When they came to Yicheng, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai met with famous teachers and settled down. They were assigned to study at the same table and stay in the same room and bed. In other words, Zhu Yingtai was originally the ninth daughter of Zhu Gongyuan, a member of the Zhu family village. Because the Zhu family has eight sons and the youngest is a daughter, he is regarded as the apple of his eye at home. He has been intelligent since childhood and knows books and etiquette. But spoiled and capricious. At the age of 14, he entangled his parents to go to school. Miss Zhu couldn’t stand being spoiled by Britain and Taiwan, so she agreed. But on another thought, the family is noble, and the girl goes out to study, which is not polite and makes people laugh. He said to Yingtai, “since ancient times, women don’t go to school. You’d better practice calligraphy and read poetry at home.” Yingtai had an idea and said, “father, my daughter has long had a clever plan. I dress up as a man and study far away from my hometown. This will not damage my father’s reputation. My daughter has made up her mind and can’t change.” The father advised the daughter to come and go, and finally wished the member a concession.

Now Liang Zhu goes to school at the same table and bed in Yicheng. Because Liang Shanbo is honest and cautious, and Zhu Yingtai is well guarded, he sleeps with a glass of water at night. Although he occasionally reveals the truth and Yingtai’s clever words cover it up, Liang Shanbo doesn’t notice Yingtai’s daughter after all. Ma Wencai, his classmate, is often suspicious.

For three years, my classmates flicked their fingers. Yingtai missed her parents and the letter calling her home also arrived, so she resigned and went home. Liang Zhu’s love is as deep as the sea, 18 miles away. At this time, Zhu Yingtai’s love became stronger and stronger. Along the way, Qingshui made a metaphor by the well. He compared magpie bridge on the single wooden bridge and met mandarin ducks for example. Finally, he said that the old man under the moon came to tie the line and get married. Until Changting said goodbye, the honest Liang Shanbo never understood. At this time, Zhu Yingtai had to take out the last piece and said to Liang Shanbo, “brother Liang, you and I have been classmates for three years. I have no way to repay you. I want to propose a marriage to brother Liang.” Shanbo was very shy and his face turned red to his ears. Yingtai summoned up her courage and did not give up her last chance. She paused and said, “I have a little nine younger sister who is both talented and beautiful. She knows books and is polite. She is very suitable for brother Liang. What does brother Liang think?” Shanbo hurriedly said, “thank you, younger brother. My family has no money and noble family. I’m afraid I don’t deserve a virtuous sister. ” Yingtai kept up with him: “as long as brother Liang is willing, just by your talent and character, my little sister, no matter what family property, I hope you don’t refuse.” Shanbo was quite reasonable when he heard what Yingtai said. Relying on Yingtai’s faith, he entrusted Yingtai with his life. Yingtai turned back and repeatedly told brother Liang to send a media to propose marriage as soon as possible. Don’t miss it. Shanbo promised again and again.

After a long Pavilion farewell, another year passed. One day, Liang Shanbo suddenly remembered Yingtai’s parting order and went to ZHUJIAZHUANG to visit Yingtai. At the head of the village, Shanbo asked, “where is my classmate Yingtai’s home?” People in the village say there is no such person. Walking under an ancient camphor tree, he met an old man with a childlike face and Hefa. Shanbo came forward and asked. The old man smiled mysteriously and said, “I wish my daughter Zhu Jiuniang, a foreign member of the villa. You have written a good article. You must be looking for her.” As soon as Shanbo heard this, out of his shy instinct, he quickly waved his hand and said, “no, no, she is the sister of my classmate Yingtai. I’m looking for her brother.” On second thought, well, anyway, I was looking for her home, and hurriedly said, “excuse me, uncle, how can I get to her home?” The old man pointed at it and said, “the pink wall of Zhumen in Zhuangdong is the Zhu family house.” Shanbo thanked the old man and hurried to Zhu’s house.

Shanbo went to Zhu’s house to ask for an audience. Member Zhu had visited Yingtai in Yicheng several times and was familiar with Shanbo. Therefore, he made an exception to let Shanbo meet on the boudoir terrace to express his classmate’s feelings. When Shanbo saw Yingtai, he knew it was his daughter. At this time, looking back on the same bed for three years, I was ashamed and shook my head again and again. Or Yingtai was generous and came forward to explain: “as a woman, if I don’t dress up as a man, how can I go to school like a man? I really have to. Please forgive me, brother Liang.” After a pause, Yingtai said, “little nine sister is Yingtai. Brother Liang, why didn’t you ask the media to propose marriage earlier? Now our classmate Ma Wencai’s father, Ma Taishou, sent a media matchmaking and sent a bride price a few days ago. When my father came to visit me at Siming school, he paid a visit to Ma Taishou, who lives in Kuaiji mansion in Fuxi. He thought that the Ma family had power and power and was a good match, so he agreed to the Ma family and was willing to marry the Qin and Jin Dynasties. You and my classmates love each other deeply, but it’s too late. ” After hearing this, Shanbo regretted that he had sent each other for 18 miles, but he didn’t appreciate it at all. I had to leave Yingtai in pain.

When Shanbo came home, his parents liked it very much, but seeing Shanbo depressed all day, sighed and asked repeatedly, he still kept silent and his body became thinner and thinner.

In the autumn of this year, Emperor Jian Wen of the imperial court recommended the virtuous and virtuous, and the Siming academy recommended Liang Shanbo, who was good in character, outstanding in studies and ranked first. One day, the governor of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Daotai came to report the good news: Liang Shanbo was appointed as Yin county magistrate. Liang Shanbo, who was 20 years old, was determined to benefit the people and did not care about his personal torture. After taking office, he managed the three rivers to ensure a good harvest in the farmland; Help farmers control pests; Rectify the order of Yincheng and punish a number of illegal “local snakes”. In less than a year, the government was smooth and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment. Liang Shanbo was sick and tired. On August 16 of the next year, when he inspected the spring tide level of the Yao River, he fell tired in Jiulong ruins, the source of the Qing Road in Yinxi. On his deathbed, he ordered the Yamen officials to be buried on the spot to show their adherence to the Yao River embankment; At the same time, if Zhu Yingtai marries Xi Ma’s house, this is also a necessary place for ships. Zhu Yingtai can see his spiritual tomb. Liang Shanbo’s deeds of diligent administration and reassuring the people spread among the people. At one time, he became a household name, known to women and children, and famous in the capital. So emperor Jin’an granted Liang Shanbo the posthumous title of “righteous and loyal king”.

Soon after, Zhu Yingtai was eighteen years old. The Ma family urged him to get married. Zhu Yingtai was forced to get into a sedan chair, change to a big boat at the ferry and support Yao Jiang. When the boat arrived at Kowloon market, the wind and waves suddenly became strong and the boat was unable to travel. Yingtai maid Yinxin, with sharp eyes, found a new grave beside the bank. She felt that there was a reason. She asked the boatman, “excuse me, whose grave is this?” The boatman was familiar with his family and had long been familiar with Liang Shanbo’s deeds, so he replied, “Liang county magistrate Shanbo Yingling is on the boat.” Yinxin quietly informed Yingtai. Upon hearing this, Yingtai, regardless of his red dress, said to the matchmaker, “I’m going to go ashore to sacrifice brother Liang.” The matchmaker did not dare to be the master and told the groom Ma Wencai. Ma Wencai was very annoyed, but it was inconvenient to attack, so he coaxed Zhu Yingtai and said, “madam, today is our happy day. The graves will be red and white. Unfortunately, it’s bad. We’ll sacrifice again until the winter solstice or Qingming.” Yingtai is passionate and uncontrollable. She has a deep love for Liang Shanbo. She plans to repay him early and makes up her mind that life can’t be paired, and death should be buried together. So he said sternly to Ma Wencai, “if I don’t promise, I’ll throw myself into the river.” Ma Wencai was frightened for a moment. In addition, the wind and waves were getting stronger and stronger. He wanted to avoid the wind, so he quickly promised to order the old general of the ship to dock. Yingtai took off her wedding dress and showed her white clothes. With the help of the maid’s silver heart, she went straight to Liang Shanbo’s grave. Suddenly, there were dark clouds, lightning and thunder, and a flash of lightning came. With a roar, the top of Liang Shanbo’s tomb was split in two. Yingtai jumped into the tomb. Silver Heart hurriedly pulled off a skirt, and the tomb closed as before, but a crack was left in the middle of the tombstone. As soon as the silver heart pulled off the skirt, it immediately turned into two big butterflies and flew to heaven in the wind.

Seeing this, Ma Wencai immediately jumped down from the boat and came with the sedan chair man. Seeing that Yingtai had no shadow of entering the tomb, he blushed with anxiety and ordered the servant to dig the tomb. Unexpectedly, two big snakes, blue eyed and white necked, opened their mouths and spit out their poisonous tongues. Ma Wencai and his servant were so frightened that they turned around and ran away. They scrambled to jump into the cabin and asked the boatman to shake back to the horse’s house in the west corridor.

Immediately, the clouds opened and the sun rose, a rainbow flew over the Kowloon market, and a pair of big butterflies flew freely on the top of Liang Shanbo’s tomb. Local people said that this was the fairy incarnation of Zhu Yingtai.

When the matter reached the court, Xie an, Prime Minister of the Jin Dynasty, felt Zhu Yingtai’s loyalty and loyalty, wrote a memorial to the court and gave the inscription “Tomb of righteous women”. For thousands of years, Liangzhu tomb in Gaoqiao, Yinxian county has been revered by countless loving couples.

Since then, this wonderful and moving story has been handed down from generation to generation in Ningbo.

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